Around Amma 2020 India 2020

If we awaken divine qualities within, the path to immortality will be wide open

The villagers of Ettimadai and members of the Baduga communities danced for hours during darshan. The entire venue was filled with blissfully dancing devotees.

Around Amma 2017 India 2017

Dancing in Love: Amma’s Visit to Coimbatore

19 March, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2017 The Coimbatore Amrita Vidyalayam grounds were filled by all those attending Amma’s annual Brahmasthanam Festival. The huge crowd stretched all the way to the back of the school premises from the front stage. A light evening drizzle cooled off the day’s heat as all the devotees […]

Around Amma 2016 India 2016

“No one can stop fate” – Amma in Kovai

13-14 Feb – Kovai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2016 Amma held a two day Brahmasthanam festival in Kovai. This Brahmasthanam was installed by Amma in 2001. Upon her arrival from Amritapuri, Amma had an informal meeting with all the local devotees where she sang and distributed dinner to everyone. Then she asked someone to […]

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Why did Krishna steal butter? Three birds in one shot

8 Jan, Kovai – Bharata Yatra 2015 Amma arrived at the Kovai ashram in the morning, but the tour group didn’t arrive until the evening. At dusk Amma sat with the devotees and volunteers of the program along with the big tour group. Amma sang a few bhajans and started distributing prasad dinner – chapathi, […]

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Kovai Brahmasthanam Festival

9-10 Kovai Brahmasthanam festival, Tamil Nadu – 2015 Bharata Yatra

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Amma in Coimbatore

7 – 8 April, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2013 On the first day of the programs official ceremonies were conducted as Amma reached the stage in Coimbatore. Tamil Nadu State Agriculture Minister S. Damodaran released the book, Spirituality and India in Tamil. Tamil Nadu MLAs, T. Malaravan and Arukutty Gounder released the souvenir […]

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Amma in Kovai

30, 31 Jan, Kovai Tamil Nadu – 2011 Bharata Yatra Amma’s 2nd leg of Bharata Yatra 2011 came to an end with a public program and a one day Brahmastanam Temple Festival in Kovai, Tamil Nadu. Welcoming Amma to the city, Kandasamy MLA said: “Amma, you are doing various projects that no government can do, […]

Around Amma India 2007 Yatra

Ethai Amman in Kovai

21-23 January — Brahmasthanam Festival, Kovai, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu -Bharata Yatra 2007 Seventy kilometers north of Coimbatore, in the Nilgiris hill town of Ooty, resides a community of people known as the Badaga. The Badaga trace their ancestry back to Ethai Amman, a pious woman from Mysore who fled the city when a Muslim king […]

Sthala Purana

Legends of Kovai, Tamil Nadu

Around an ancient temple dedicated to Koni Amman, the name of this goddess alone the city name “Kovai” evolve.