Spiritual Teachings

of Satguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Amma’s teachings began with her birth itself. She entered this world in silence, a divine gesture worthy of our contemplation. This has always been Amma’s way. Throughout, Amma’s life has been her teaching.

If we watch Amma, we will see the embodiment of all the divine qualities she is constantly encouraging us to cultivate. If you want to understand devotion, watch the tears as they roll down her cheeks during bhajans. If you want to learn about serving the world selflessly, sit by her side one evening as she embraces 12,000 people. If you have questions about sadhana, envision her years on the seashore when she sat motionless, completely estranged from the world. And whatever Amma does, it is meditation, whether sitting in silence, speaking to thousands or sweeping the ashram courtyard.

Amma teaches renunciation, but only in the midst of a lifetime of refusing to consider her own comfort. Amma teaches Advaita, but not without her every breath bearing testament to her inability to see any man, woman or child as different from her own Self.

Indeed, actions speak louder than words. Yet the Truth as heard from Amma’s lips has deafening impact. Whether delivered to crowds of thousands or in the intimate setting of the ashram, Amma’s satsang is always unforgettable. Amma is eternally established in Truth, which is beyond words, beyond thoughts. Perhaps this is what she was trying to impart to us through her birth. Yet when she wants to convey that silence, it assumes the form of a thought. A collection of these thoughts is presented here, so that one day we too may realize that silence.


Messages of Amma

Messages delivered by Amma at international platforms like the United Nations and Parliament of World’s Religions, as well as religious festivals. Read more…


Amma tells a story

When Amma tells a story, characters come alive, minds expand, hearts lighten, spiritual understanding deepens. Read more…


For Seekers

Action, devotion, values, knowledge and practice – everything needed for the seeker of Truth to become a Knower of Truth. Read more…


For Children

Wisdom and spiritual practices to help Amma’s teens find inspiration and direction in life. Coming soon…


Amrita Sootra

When Amma speaks, she often uses illustrations and parables to help us grasp the subtle spiritual message. Read more…


For Householders

A vision of a world wherein women and men, like the two wings of a bird, work together to reach spiritual heights. Read more…


For Daily Practice

Creation and the Creator are not two, but one. Transfom your every action in the world into worship of the Lord. Read more…


For Women

Women have to wake up and arise! The awakening of the dormant power of women is one of the most urgent needs of the age. Read more…



Complete within, a friend and a guide, who will help you reach the shores of unlimited. Read more…



Amma’s words are like arrows. They are quick, focused and always hit their mark. Read more…