• Narendra Modi to inaugurate Amrita Hospital, Faridabad
    The 2,400-bed hospital will be India’s largest private sector hospital with 81 specialities, 64 operation theatres, smart ICUs with 534 critical care beds etc. This latest and most advanced physical medicine & rehabilitation center will also have a dedicated research block.
  • The Power in You(th)
    Something that gives you the capacity to have the right thought, to say the right word, and to do the right thing at the right time. That is power,”
  • The Guru never wants the disciple to remain a disciple.
    Surrender is nothing but giving up our likes and dislikes. That is when our heart opens. The Guru’s grace is always present, but we should grant ourselves our own grace.
  • Amrita Hospitals to open India’s largest private medical institution
    The institution will have 534 critical care beds, the highest number in India. There will also be 64 modular operation theaters, the most advanced imaging services, a fully-automated robotic laboratory, high-precision radiation oncology, the most updated nuclear medicine etc
  • The purpose of yoga is to bring out the full potential
    Absence of diseases, the ability to do physical work without feeling weak, having mental sharpness and emotional balance—only when all four of these are present can we say we are in good health.
  • When objects creates desires, I close my eyes
    Amritavarshini’s incredible and insightful wisdom at such a young age is a testament to how easily the fundamental teachings of Santana Dharma can be absorbed and assimilated into life

Beautiful Moments

Amrit Ganga: beautiful moments from Amma’s life, Darshan, Yatra, Satsang & Bhajan. Weekly episodes

In the Limelight

My Desire: Everyone in the world should be able to sleep without fear, at least for one night; able to eat at least for one day.

Drawing of Amma

Amma’s teachings began with her birth itself. She entered this world in silence, a gesture worthy of our contemplation.


Interesting Posts from Archives
  • The light of Amma’s Love in the shadow of Arunachala
    This universe keeps flowing, following its own rhythm, harmony and tune. Thus, human beings need to chart the path of their lives according to the tune and rhythm of nature.
  • Amma won’t let you sleep
    God is watching over you 365 days a year. Shivaratri is the one night wherein we are asked to sacrifice and watch over God, taking a vow of fasting and maintain vigil at night
  • Holi, the Festival of Colours, Joy and Renewal
    Holi was Krishna and the gopi’s celebration of Love. This teasing, affectionate panorama of feeling and colour has been captured