Yatra – Where is Amma Now?

Amma now is in Amritapuri Ashram.

“Like the spring travelling around the globe, Amma visits her devotees in their own cities and towns every year.”

  • Damayanti Amma’s last rites
    In the morning, Damayanti Amma’s body was displayed in Amritapuri’s main hall for everyone to pay their last respect. In the afternoon, after the performance of the last rites the body was cremated.
  • PM Modi’s condolence message on Damayanti Amma’s demise
    “I have heard of her selfless service to travellers who were on the way to pilgrimages, her focus on feeding the hungry, the way she would bring the cows into the house when the cowshed got flooded and how she had great love for plants and trees.”
  • Amma’s mother passed away
    19 Sep 2022, Amritapuri Damayanti Amma — Amma’s mother — merged with the Divine at her residence this afternoon at 2.50 pm. She was 97.
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