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Amma and her winged friends

(26 Aug '05)

26 August 2005, Amritapuri Amma’s love flows forth to all beings—not just humans. And if one watches the birds that live in and around Amritapuri, one can easily observe that they love her too. Ducks, eagles, owls, crows, pigeons—all have their unique relationship with Amma. For years there was a beautiful and unusual duck that […]

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Krishna talk: kids on Sri Krishna

(26 Aug '05)

26 August 2005, Amritapuri On Krishna Jayanti, Amritapuri is full of little Krishnas, Radhas, and various gopikas. Many of them, in fact, are from the West. They participate in the uriyadi, the pot-breaking game; walk in the Krishna procession with all the Ashram cows; put on small dramas about Krishna’s life; do dances and sing […]

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The heart is not in the sandals

(23 Aug '05)

23 August 2005 , Amritapuri As always on Tuesdays, this week all the ashramites gathered for a day of meditation, followed by an opportunity to ask Amma questions and to receive a plate of prasad directly from her hands. When everyone had received prasad, a devotee approached Amma, telling her that she had just scolded […]

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“Amma is not afraid of death”

(22 Aug '05)

If anyone wants to kill me, they can do it anywhere at any time. Amma is not afraid of death at all

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A sacrifice for The Master

(21 Aug '05)

Arun, from Thiruvalla, always comes to help control the crowds when Amma gives darshan.  Little did he know that on this day he would have to control some one in the crowd who was carrying a knife {news}. Arun was one of the first ones on the scene when the attacker was forced from the […]

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Stranger wielding a knife apprehended in Amritapuri

(21 Aug '05)

Amma is safe & giving darshan now 21st August 2005, Amritapuri 10.30 p.m. The large hall was full as Amma began the program for the first Devi Bhava darshan after the US tour. Over 15,000 tokens were distributed for darshan. After Amma’s satsang, during the 3rd song of the evening bhajans at around 6.15 pm, […]

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Metal detectors installed at Ashram

(21 Aug '05)

It is the wish of Amma’s devotees and disciples to increase security around Amma. After discussions between the Ashram’s Board of Trustees, the police have installed metal detectors at the entrances to the temple. The detectors only slightly slow the flow of traffic into the temple, and the devotees are happy to put up with […]

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