“Amma is not afraid of death”

Amma being interviewed by the press

Press conference after Devi Bhava
4:30 a.m, Monday August 22nd, 2005

Amma press conference

As Amma gave darshan, the leading press agencies from around the world descended on Amritapuri to find out what had really happened earlier in the night. {news} Since the news was already appearing in the media, devotees from around the world began calling the ashram to inquire about Amma’s well-being. Reporters from the leading news agencies, like Reuters, NDTV, Sahara TV, Aajtak, Star News, ANI etc., were waiting for hours to interview Amma.

As soon as the darshan finished, Amma came straight from the stage and met all the waiting reporters in her hut.

One of the reporters asked, “What is Amma’s reaction to this incident?”

Amma smilingly replied, “I don’t have any reaction to this incident. Amma doesn’t have any fear of death. There have never been any security measures taken here in the ashram, and if anyone wants to kill Amma, they can do it anywhere at any time. Amma is not afraid of death at all.”

Amma continued by referring to the swamis. “They are afraid that Amma can be harmed. There was a police intelligence report passed on to the ashram officials about 2 weeks back that stated there may be a threat against Amma.”

She went on to say, “Amma doesn’t know all the people staying here. Many come just to get darshan and don’t leave the ashram afterwards.  They may hang around and sleep on the balcony or on the beach somewhere.  Amma doesn’t even know where all the residents in the ashram come from.  If Amma were really afraid of death, the first thing she would have done is check the background of everyone staying here at the ashram.”

Amma continued, “Whatever is meant to happen will happen when the time comes. I just want to do what I have to do. Anyway, one day we all have to die. Therefore, it is better to get worn out than to rust away.”

The next reporter asked, “How should Amma’s children respond to this?”

Amma answered with a question of her own. “What is the use in reacting? Forgive. The past is gone.”

Amma was then asked, “Hearing this news, devotees around the world will be very anxious.  What is your message for them?”

Amma advised “They need not worry at all.  Nothing will happen to Amma.  He didn’t attack Amma; he simply came onto the stage with a knife.  Amma wants all her children to be patient and calm. They should not create any problems in the name of this incident.  That is Amma’s only fear.  When Amma was informed about what happened, she said, ‘No one should worry about this; there is no reason to panic.  Even if there were policeman and security here, if someone wants to kill Amma, they can kill me.  My path is this (hugging people)… till the end.  Amma will continue to give darshan.  Anybody can dress up as a brahmachari.  If someone want to kill me, they can simply dress up like that.’ “

The last question was asked, “Would you like to meet the attacker?”

Amma replied, “I don’t have any problem meeting him. Amma will meet everyone. Amma has overcome much worse situations than this in the past. Amma doesn’t give much importance to this incident.”