A sacrifice for The Master

treatment of stab wound

Arun, from Thiruvalla, always comes to help control the crowds when Amma gives darshan.  Little did he know that on this day he would have to control someone in the crowd who was carrying a knife {news}.

Arun was one of the first ones on the scene when the attacker was forced from the stage and he attempted to subdue the man as he fled.

Unfortunately in his attempt to catch hold of the man, he was stabbed in the back, producing a 4-inch deep wound.

Once the man was finally captured, Arun was taken to the ashram’s Amritakripa hospital, where his wound was cleaned and treated.  The doctors said that he was very lucky, because if the knife had entered his back just a few centimetres to either side of where it struck, it would have hit his kidneys, liver or spinal cord.

Despite receiving 4 stitches the wound would not stop bleeding.  He was brought to Amma for darshan and she suggested that he be shifted to AIMS hospital. Today Amma called him to enquire about his well being and to see if he is recovering comfortably.

Dr. Ashok is showing the depth of the wound during the treatment at Amritapuri.