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  • Be near Amma, be like Hanuman

    Be near Amma, be like Hanuman

    “If you are understanding the principle of the Guru, then the pain of separation from the Guru actually takes you to the Goal. If you are going forwards while understanding that Principle, then you won’t collapse.”

  • Amma in Trissur

    Amma in Trissur

    Amma sang many old bhajans along with a few newer ones. Her satsang stressed values in society, the importance of dispassion, and warned of Kerala’s dependence on intoxicants.

  • Kozhukkattas in Kolkatta

    Kozhukkattas in Kolkatta

    Amma used one large pot to put some flour and started kneading it with some water. She took some salt in her hands, mixing it with water on the dough and then kneaded

  • Amma in Durgapur

    Amma in Durgapur

    Just before Amma got up from her seat, she sang some bhajans leaving the excited crowd almost dancing on their feet.

  • A Vasanth in Vasanth Kunj

    A Vasanth in Vasanth Kunj

    When Amma walked back to her room, many devotees had tears in their eyes—a mixture of joy, of gratefulness and the pain of already missing Amma more than they had imagined possible.

  • A colorful flowerful Holi

    They started dancing, holding Amma’s hands, reminding us all of the beautiful play between Lord Krishna and the Gopis.

  • Grace of a traffic jam

    Amma stopped the car and gave the lady and her daughter a long hug, kisses and prasad through the car window. The lady came back, tears streaming down her cheeks.

  • Empower women through self-confidence

    Empower women through self-confidence

    Amma started her programs in Delhi in one of the capitol’s new suburbs on the west bank of the holy Yamuna River, not far from where Lord Krishna used to dance with the Gopis.

  • Never-ending river of love flows in Jaipur

    Never-ending river of love flows in Jaipur

    Amma was welcomed with a colourful celebration at her public program in Jaipur.

  • A Holi in Mumbai

    A Holi in Mumbai

    Even though the Nerul stage is very small, the devotees used every inch of space around Amma to get a glimpse of her playing the game. Everyone’s faces lit up with the colours of joy, exhilaration and amazement while watching Amma in this wonderful mood. Endlessly, the devotees kept on shouting “Mata Rani Ki Jai.”