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Never-ending river of love flows in Jaipur

Jaipur, March 6th, 2010

Amma was welcomed with a colorful celebration at her public program in Jaipur. Buses full of devotees from nearby towns arrived in the pink city to participate in Amma’s satsang, bhajan, dhyan and darshan.

The backdrop of the stage showed a beautiful collage of Rajasthani impressions: Camels, women in folklore costumes, scenes of dance, traditional artwork and of course – Amma’s smiling picture.

Several dignitaries shared the dias with Amma: Honorable Smt. Prabha Rao, governor of Rajasthan, Sri Mahesh Joshi, member of parliament Jaipur, Sri. Brij Kishore Sharma, Transport Minister, Rajasthan, Sri. Jitendra Singh, Energy Minister, Rajasthan, Sri. Ghanshyam Tiwari, Deputy Leader of the opposition party, Rajasthan Vidhana Sabha and Smt. Jyoti Khandelwal, Mayor of Jaipur.

As part of MAM’s Vidyamritam project, 50 scholarships were given away to poor children.

Mayor Smt. Jyoti Khandelwal greeted Amma with the words: “I pray to Amma that her never-ending river of love flows in Jaipur, that it may flood everyone with immense delight and joy. May we be able to imbibe a part of the love that she shows to the poor and needy and spread it to others as well. Jaipur has always been known as ‘chotta-Kashi’ (little Kashi). God has always expressed his presence here through people like Amma, who is amongst us now.”

Energy Minister of Rajasthan, Sri Jitendra Singh, added: “May the nectarous voice of Amma bring rain to this desert of Rajasthan and peace to our heart.”

The Governor of Rajasthan, Prabha Rao, addressed the audience by saying: “We, the people of Bharat (India), are blessed to have been associated with so many saints and mahatmas over the ages. I have had the privilege of meeting Amma once before in Washim, and from seeing the service she has rendered there, I have realized that great souls like her are rare and few. Only through them can the whole world experience true peace and harmony.”

— Dev