Spiritual Reflections in Pushkar

When Amma stopped in Pushkar on the way way to Jaipur

5 March 2010, Pushkar, RajasthanBharata Yatra 2010

During the Bharata Yatra 2010, Amma and her tour group made a serene stop in Pushkar, home to the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahmaji. The group gathered in a picturesque lawn surrounded by small hut-like houses, with the setting sun casting a golden hue over the scene. In this tranquil setting, Amma led her children in a profound spiritual discussion.

Amma began by posing a series of thought-provoking questions: “Modern science says that everything in this universe is energy. The shastras proclaim that everything is consciousness. Do these statements complement each other? Also, it is indicated in the scriptures that the eternal consciousness exists in the heart of each human being in a space the size of a thumb. How can consciousness be limited in such a way, if, at the same time, it is said to pervade the whole of existence? Furthermore, there are various forms of life – plants, animals, and humans – all of which have different levels of awareness. Some people even believe in entities like ghosts or evil-minded spirits. How can these differences be explained if everything is said to be the same purusha (universal self)?”

Evening in Pushakr, the famous holy city

Amma’s children responded with insightful answers. One ashram resident noted that while students of Vedanta might see the statements of modern science and religion as complementary, a rational scientist might not agree that energy and consciousness (God) are one and the same. This divergence may stem from the Western concept of God as an entity separate from creation, making it difficult for followers of that belief to proclaim that everything is nothing but God.

It was highlighted that Western science has not yet fully understood the nature of the universe due to the limitations of material tools used in research. In contrast, ancient rishis conducted their investigations using their own minds as tools, leading to the direct understanding that everything in creation is made of supreme consciousness.

The discussion was continued by comparing consciousness to water, which also exists in many different forms. In the air water is present as steam, under cold temperatures it is frozen to ice. Even in an apple there is water. However, if one is thirsty, it is not sufficient to just stand with one’s mouth wide open, hoping that the steam will appease one’s thirst. Only if one gets to drink water in it’s pure liquid form will the thirst be quenched. Likewise, consciousness will only fully manifest itself under the right circumstances.

A devotee from Germany added that the discrimination given to human beings sets them apart from other life forms like animals, allowing humans to fully realize the divine potential within them.

Amma addressed the scriptural depiction of consciousness residing in the human heart in a space the size of a thumb, explaining that everything has a certain capacity. She likened this to light bulbs of different wattages 40, 60 and 100 etc., where the current must not exceed their capacity. Similarly, the human body is a physical device with a specific capacity.

A senior ashram resident complemented Amma’s words by stating that the image of consciousness as a thumb in the heart is a tool for meditation, helping one expand consciousness until merging with the eternal purusha.

At the twilight hours in Pushkar

The discussion concluded with everyone singing bhajans, and Amma distributing dinner prasad before the group proceeded to Jaipur.

This spiritual interlude in Pushkar highlighted the deep connections between modern science, ancient wisdom, and the profound teachings of Amma, fostering a greater understanding of the universal self and the interconnectedness of all life forms.