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  • Dealing with Desires

    Dealing with Desires

    24 Jan, 2008, On the Road to Kumbakonam, Bharata Yatra 2008 On the way to Kumbakonam, Amma pulled over and stopped at a side road, with grassy fields on either side. The site was in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, the sun was setting. One could hear the sound of crickets chirping, along with…

  • Fulfilling Promises

    Fulfilling Promises

    Fulfilling Promises- Amma in Kumbakonam 26 Jan 2008, Kumbhakonam, Tamil Nadu, Bharata Yatra 2008 Amma held her first public program in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. The program was held on a huge Banadurai Higher Secondary School grounds, capable of holding tens of 1,000’s of people. In July of 2004, a disastrous fire took place in this…

  • Tourstop in Cudallore with Amma 2008

    25 January 2008, Cudallore In between Chennai & Kumbhakonam Amma stopped with the tour group in Cudallore for Meditation & Bhajans.        

  • Amma Chennai 2008

    Amma Chennai 2008

    Jan 23 – 24, Chennai, Bharata Yatra 2008 Amma held two days of program in Chennai.

  • Amma in Coimbatore

    Amma in Coimbatore

    20 Jan, Covai, Bharata Yatra 2008 Amma’s Bharata yatra 2008 began with the 7th annual Brahmasthanam festival in Coimbatore. These two days of programs came to a close, at 7 a.m. on Friday the 20th. On both nights of the festival, the Tamil people expressed their devotion through their native song and dance. This form…

  • Bhavani River stop with Amma

    Bhavani River stop with Amma

    20 Jan 2008, Bhavani River, Tamil Nadu On the way from Kovai, Amma and the group stopped at Bhavani river.  This sacred spot is the convergence of two rivers, Kaveri and Bhavani, called Bhavani Sangama. Sitting on the banks, facing the Bhavani river Amma sang few new bhajans, had satsang and Amma distributed dinner prasad…