Around Amma Celebration

Dance in the bliss of the remembrance of the lord

28 August 2004, Amritapuri Several thousand devotees came to Amritapuri for the traditional Onam festival. Amma sang and danced, gave darshan and served prasad lunch to more than 7000 people. For ten days preceding the festival, students of Amrita Institutions who reside at the ashram made large flower mandalas at the base of the steps […]

Around Amma Messages of Amma Onam

A rapidly spreading celebration

Amritapuri — Saturday, 28 August 2004 “What is it that is ancient and yet ever new?” Amma wanted to know. She was sitting on Her peetham before some 12,000 devotees, all of whom had come to celebrate Onam at Her ashram. Amma’s voice was casual, like that of a teacher posing questions to a group […]

Around Amma Orphanage

She had become one with them

Amritapuri — Tuesday, 24 August 2004 When you visit Amma’s orphanage at Parippally and speak about Amma with the children who live there, they never fail to mention one thing: Amma’s dancing. On holidays, such as Onam and Amma’s birthday, all 500 or so Parippally children come to Amritapuri — to listen to Amma’s bhajans, […]

Ganesha Chaturthi Photos

Ganesh Chaturthi 2004

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in Amritapuri on 22 August 2004.

Celebration Orphanage

Onam celebration at Parippally

20 August 2004 — Parippally, Kerala For Malayalees all over the world, the coming of the fall month of Chingam brings with it sweet childhood memories—of time spent with family, of eating nice meals and, for many, of collecting flower petals with which to make colourful mandalas. All these are part of the month’s 10-day […]

Around Amma Ashram Life Satsang

Watch out for those green lights

Amritapuri — Friday, 20 August 2004 Today Amma came to give satsang to all the ashramites. One of the first questions put to Her was by a new visitor to the ashram. “Amma,” he said, “When I first came to the ashram I had a wonderful experience. I felt my aajnja chakra [third eye] open […]

Around Amma Satsang

Give the body, live after your death

Amritapuri — Tuesday, 17 August 2004 On this meditation day, Amma was asked a question about the posthumous donation of organs to scientists and hospitals. “Does it effect the soul, whether the body is buried, cremated or donated?” the questioner wanted to know. Amma replied that what happens to a body after its death only […]

Around Amma

Jhilam jhilam chilankakal

Amritapuri — Tuesday, 17 August 2004 This Tuesday, one of the mothers living in the Ashram performed padapuja to Amma. After washing Amma’s feet with the traditional offerings, She clasped a pair of gold chilankas around Amma’s ankles. Chilankas are belled anklets that ring lightly as the person wearing them takes each step. Normally Amma […]

Around Amma 2004 Photos

India is not just a piece of land, It is the Mother

Independence day was celebrated in Amritapuri with Amma on 15 August 2004 Students of Amrita University (Amritapuri campus) celebrate India’s 57th Independence Day at the Ashram, paying their tribute and respect to this great land of Bharat. Lamps were lit along India’s border and flowers marked Her seven sacred rivers. The students danced, sang patriotic […]

AYUDH Celebration

AYUDH celebrates India’s Independence

15 August 2004 — Amritapuri “Bharat is the spiritual centre of the world, its spiritual heart,” said Swami Jnanamritananda on the evening of the 57th anniversary of India’s independence. “Bharat is not just a handful of sand. It is the Mother. Just as a mother feeds her child from her breast, so too this Mother […]