Jhilam jhilam chilankakal

Amma's feet
Amma's feet

Amritapuri — Tuesday, 17 August 2004

This Tuesday, one of the mothers living in the Ashram performed padapuja to Amma. After washing Amma’s feet with the traditional offerings, She clasped a pair of gold chilankas around Amma’s ankles. Chilankas are belled anklets that ring lightly as the person wearing them takes each step.

Normally Amma will remove any ornaments offered to Her by devotees before She rises from Her peetham, but this devotee pleaded with Amma to wear the chilankas as She walked up the stairs and down the hall to Her room.

Amma conceded.

Everyone in the hall stood silently as Amma rose from Her chair and then walked towards Her room. The only sound that remained in the temple was the soft music issuing forth from Amma’s jewelled ankles.

When Amma reached the final passageway to Her room, She stopped, turned around and, smiling like a happy little girl, did a quick little dance while singing a simple little tune.