Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Works

When the need arises, Amma reaches out. There is no question of why or how. Her response is as natural and automatic as drying the tears that fall from one’s own eyes. It has been like that since Amma’s youth when she dedicated herself to taking care of those suffering in the surrounding villages spending time with lonely, feeding the hungry, providing medicine to the sick… As Amma says, “If it is someone’s karma to fall into a ditch, then it is our karma to help him out.”

It may be someone’s karma to fall into a well, it is our karma to assist them to come out of it.


Under Amma’s guidance, the Ashram has been providing relief and rehabilitation to the victims of a series of natural disasters—earthquakes in Gujarat and Kashmir, floods in Mumbai, Gujarat and Bihar, hurricanes in the United States, the Indian Ocean Tsunami… In the face of these tragedies, Amma’s Ashram has provided everything from food, medicine and temporary shelter to new homes, counseling and jobs. Furthermore, the Ashram’s provision of emotional succor and long-term support has carried thousands through the darkest periods of their lives into the light of a hopeful tomorrow.

The relief-and-rehabilitation work of Amma’s Ashram has been praised by government agencies, world-leaders and members of the United Nations as being something ‘above and beyond.’ It is more than mere relief; it is the care of a mother for her children.

The past few years have seen natural disasters and tragedies involving the natural elements: fire, water, wind, and earth. Amma’s helping hand reached out to those in need in these tragedies.

Chennai Flood 2015
In 2015 due to incessant heavy rain, Adyar river overflowed submerged houses lying within a kilometer either side of the river,  the Ashram provided food, drinking water and  clothing helping the victims. Read more…

Karnataka Flood 2009
The rain that brought northern Karnataka under water, 14 districts were affected under the deluge, destroying hectors of agriculture land, claiming hundreds of lives.  Ashram provided food, clothing, financial support and housing to victims in Raichur. Read more…

Bihar Flood 2008
On August 18 Kosi river rerouted through 200 k.m flooding over 1800 villages and displacing over 5 lakh people. Ashram announced 20…  Read more…

Kashmir Pakistan Earthquake 2005
In October 2005, the Indian regions of Kashmir and Jammu and Pakistan were rocked by an earthquake that claimed over 80,000 lives. Read more…

New Orleans Katrina 2005
In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina & Rita submerged the entire city of New Orleans and displaced hundreds of thousands. Read more…

Mumbai flood 2005
In July 2005, almost three feet (944mm) of rain fell in 24 hours in Mumbai, resulting in massive flooding. Read more…

Asian Tsunami 2004
The tsunami that struck in December 2004 claimed countless lives throughout India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and other countries in the region.  Read here…

Kumbhakonam fire 2004
In June 2004, a fire at a school in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, took the lives of nearly 100 children and left countless others injured. Read more…

Gujarat Earthquake 2001
An earthquake destroyed many villages and killed 3,000 people in Gujarat, MAM rebuild 3 villages and built 1200 houses. Read more…

Lathore Earthquake 1992
In 1992, an earthquake in Lathore, Maharastra, claimed 20,000 lives,  the Ashram provided financial support to victims.

There is currently an imbalance in Dharma and in Nature – we are taking from Nature with reckless abandon and not caring sufficiently for the suffering in the world. How can we restore this balance? This can be done by following our own Dharma and by praying with our hearts and serving with our hands.


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