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The Joy of Giving

(8 Aug '12)

AYUDH Europe’s 8th Youth Initiative, 15 – 21 July 2012, MA Center, Germany The 8th European AYUDH Youth Initiative was an unique gathering where participants came from all parts of the continent and even from far off countries like Japan, Ukraine and the United States – 200 youth from 15 countries – came together at […]

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AYUDH participates in inter-religious peace prayer

(23 Sep '11)

12 September 2011 – Munich AYUDH was invited by the catholic church to co-facilitate the inter-religious peace prayer. They also joined dialogue-groups to discuss ways to peace within a multicultural society. The youth read out from Amma’s teachings, sang the bhajan “Everyone in the world” and prayed “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.”   In a church […]

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Reaching new heights by AYUDH of USA

(23 Aug '11)

August 12-14, 2011 M.A. Center, Washington, DC. Under the guidance of Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya, forty youth came together for the second annual AYUDH East Coast Youth Exchange for the theme ‘Reaching New Heights’. The zealous youth from across the United States and Canada gathered at the picturesque ashram to share ideas, pray together, and join […]

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Youth reach new heights together

(12 Aug '11)

From 24 – 31 July 2011 the M.A Centre, Germany, hosted the 7th International Youth Initiative Reaching New Heights – The Power of Youth to Change the World, a multinational youth programme that welcomed 180 youth from 20 countries in Europe and beyond. Reaching New Heights focused on eight main challenges faced by youth in […]

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Conserving the present, celebrating the future

(25 Apr '11)

Celebrating Earth Day in Delhi 22 April 2011   It was in the background of one of the worst natural disasters – the earthquake and tsunami in Japan – that this year’s Earth day arrived on the 22nd of April. This calamity of unprecedented magnitude lent added relevance and significance to this year’s Earth Day. […]

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Washington AYUDH youth exchange

(25 Aug '10)

The inaugural AYUDH East Coast Youth Exchange was held from August 14-15 at the M.A. Center in Washington, DC. Led by Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya, the retreat brought together over 30 youth from around the United States for a weekend of activities revolving around the theme of “Embracing Life.” The exchange commenced with a live webcast […]

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Experience week for the youth

(24 Aug '10)

24th to August 1st, la Ferme du Plessis, Paris GreenFriends-Europe held the “Experience Week”, in which 80 youth from all over the world invested themselves fully into an ecological project for the whole week. These projects were designed to encourage a learning-by-doing process. The Experience Week was awarded by the UNESCO the status of official […]

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