Youth call for a global change in educational systems

The concluding event of AYUDH’s 13th European Youth Summit was a panel discussion between youth and senior decision makers, entitled ‘Towards a Culture of Caring: The Role Of Education To Foster Young People’s Active Citizenship’.

During the week before the panel, 250 youth from 21 nationalities reflected on how educational systems can be changed, so that they make young people more aware of their roles and responsibilities as global citizens, support them in their personal development and encourage them to lead sustainable lifestyles.

At the concluding event, nine summit representatives presented their opinions and outcomes to senior decision makers in a very lively panel discussion. (Watch full stream)

The event followed the iTAGe* format of UNESCO MGIEP, which for the first time was implemented by a youth organization outside the frame of a UNESCO conference.

Radhika Bhatnagar, the communications officer at UNESCO MGIEP, said “We are very excited to collaborate with AYUDH. Over the past few days, I have interacted with some of the young people and some of the panelists, and they have very insightful comments and contributions to make”.

Judith Klein, Advisor for RORG, commented: “it became clear to me that it is us the seniors (and decision makers) that really have something to learn from these young leaders, that truly are change makers in their way of being, living, thinking, feeling and acting sustainably.

AYUDH Europe is hopeful that such dialogues will become more frequent so that young people can play their role in creating educational systems that are empowering, value-based and sustainable.

(* iTAGe: independently organized Talking Across Generations on education.)