Amma in Paris

23-25 Oct, Paris, France — Europe Yatra 2011

Amma began her annual visit to France by spending a day in her ashram in Pontgouin.


The next day Amma began three days of public programs in Cergy-Pontoise, just outside, Paris.

Massive crowds were on hand each day to attend the programs. People wholeheartedly participated in the Atmapuja, Bhajans and Satsang. Amongst those in attendance included the famous actresses Aniece Soral and Gabrielle Lazure.  The actresses were on hand for the release of the book – Mere de Toutes les Sagesses (Mother of Wisdom), by Film Maker, photographer and author Djana Schmidt, which illustrates Amma’s daily life in photographs and quotes.

Amma in Holland

18-20 Oct, Houten, Holland — Europe Yatra 2011

Amma returned to central Europe after her short trip to the Scandinavian country of Finland for the next stop Amsterdam, Holland.

A large crowd gathered to welcome Amma to the city, as she greeted everyone with high fives.


The three day program included Bhajans Meditation, Satsang and an Atma puja which saw countless curious youngsters crowd the stage to watch Amma perform the ceremony.

Renowned computer scientist, Andrew Tannenbaum, the father of operating systems, came to meet Amma, and shared how he was amazed at Amma’s ability to be able to take care of so many projects and at the same time spend, despite the fact that she spends all day meeting people for darshan.

World champion kick boxer Lucia Rijker, better known for her role as the fierce boxing opponent of Hillary Swank in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Million Dollar Baby’ also came to receive Amma’s blessings.

The hug of love and strength

15 – 16 Oct, Helsinki, Finland — Europe Yatra 2011
After the Swiss Program, Amma flew directly to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki to conduct 2 days of programs there.

She was received by the famous actor and member of Finnish Parliament, Mr Jani Toivola. Later during darshan, The Chairman of Vantaa City Government and the member of Finnish Parliament Mr Tapani Makinen also was on hand to welcome Amma.

the Chairman of Vantaa City Council and the member of Finnish Parliament Mr Antti Lindtman was also present to receive her Darshan.


Mr Tapani Makinen officially welcomed her to Finland saying “With Her embrace of Love, Amma has changed millions of people. Through Her own example and selfless work, Amma has inspired millions of people for selfless service. Amma’s charitable projects are unique and extraordinary. If compassion awakes within us, it reflects also in others. The projects are remarkable. Thousands of Finnish people have come together to receive the hug of love and strength. We welcome Amma from the bottom of our hearts.”

A host of celebrities turned up to receive Amma’s blessings, including the well known Finnish Rapper, Paleface who performed for Amma as she was giving darshan.
Also, a well-known Scandinavian band came to pay tribute and show their love and respect.

Amma in Switzerland

11 – 13 Oct 2011, Eulach Halle, Winterthur, Switzerland

There was a joyous sendoff for Amma as she left the Italian Milano program with throngs of cheerful and jubilant people.

The hills and valleys of Switzerland provided a scenic and powerful backdrop as the tour headed for Zurich.

Traditional horn melodies set the mood as the crowds greeted Amma on the second leg of the European tour.

Dr. Cornelia Vogelsanger, who welcomed Amma to Switzerland for the first time back in 1987, once again garlanded her with sincere love and appreciation. Members from the Asian Art and Rietberg Museums were also on hand to welcome Amma. The day marked 25 consecutive years that Amma has visited the Switzerland for the European tour.

Dr. Cornelia Vogelsanger said, “Amma speaks the simple but very deep language of the heart, with words, gestures and actions.”
There was Meditation, Bhajans, Darshan and Satsang at the 3-day program while Amma conducted the Atma Puja in which thousands participated.

Lack of unity, equality and deterioration in values puts the world in trouble

Amma’s 58th Birthday Celebrations

27 September 2011 – Amritapuri

Amma’s 58th Birthday Celebrations began at 5:00 a.m. with Mahaganapati Homam performed by Surya Kaladi Jayasuryan Bhattatiripad on the program grounds at Amritapuri campus of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. This was followed by the chanting of the Sri Lalita Sahasranama for world peace.

Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri delivered a satsang in the early morning about Amma’s life and teachings as thousands upon thousands of people poured into the special tent erected for the birthday functions.

Around 8:50 a.m., Amma started from Amritapuri Ashram to the program site, crossing the backwaters on a boat. Devotees lined the bridge connecting Alappad Panchayat and Vallikkavu as well as the roads leading to the Amrita University.

Amma was welcomed with purna kambham to the sounds of panchavadyam and a classical mohiniyattam group dance by students of Amrita School of Medicine, Kochi.
Sri Guru Padapuja was then offered by Swami Amritaswarupananda, with devotees chanting Sri Guru Stotram and the 108 Names of Amma. Garlands were then offered by all of Amma’s sannyasi disciples as well as by householder devotees and relatives.

Amma then delivered her 58th Birthday Address. She began by saying, “The world in which we live in today has become so divided and filled with conflict. Seeing my children happily sitting together here, with unity and enthusiasm, as children of one mother, touches Amma’s heart.” Amma went on to explain that the state of the world today was deeply troubling, due to lack of unity and equality and a general deterioration in values. “In fact, even when Amma is amongst you children, her heart is crying,” Amma said. “When we consider the state of the world today, is there anything about which we can rejoice?” Amma said the solution to the world’s problems began with people introspecting, realizing their shortcomings and putting sincere effort to rectify them.

Amma then guided all the devotees in meditation and manasa puja as well as lead two bhajans, “Mata Rani” and “Ananta Srusti Vahini.”

A lot of charitable programs were launched in the formal part of the birthday function. Afterwards Amma began receiving the devotees for darshan wich continued till 8.amm next day morning. Lakhs of devotees who participated in the function were all given free food.

More than 45,000 visitors from all around the globe, which includes 3 from Pakistan and 13 from China, logged into the live webcast on The approximate viewership on the web for Amma’s Padapuja function was over 200,000.

– Tulasi

To win the competition of Life remain within the boundaries of Dharma

Onam celebration with Amma in Amritapuri

Friday, 9 September 2011, Amritapuri

As always the Onam festivities began early in the morning in Amritapuri. The Pookkalam, Nirapara, Nila Vilakku, as well as hanging cluster bunches of bananas decorated the verandah in front of Amma’s room. At 9:30 am Amma was led into the large hall by Panchavadyam musicians from her orphanage in Paripally. Amma gave her Onam message to the packed hall of devotees who had come from all over India and the world to celebrate the occasion.

In her Onam message Amma said “Just as sweetness cannot be separated from honey, just as the beauty cannot be separated from the rainbow, Onam cannot be separated from a Malayali’s heart.

What is the message of Onam? This is an occasion to think about that as well. Are we getting closer to the values and principles for which Onam stands? Or is it that, with every Onam, we are drifting further and further away from them? Each one of us should introspect and ask ourselves these questions.

Onam is not merely nostalgia for a prosperous era. Onam’s message is that of ‘Nara’ rising to become ‘Narayana’—of human beings rising up to become one with God. Onam is a declaration of the truth that one who surrenders everything attains everything. In Onam, we find the message of sacrifice. We find the message of rising from selfishness to selflessness. We find the message of rising from ego to humility. Onam is a call to bring back the times when truth, dharma, love, equality, charity and compassion prevailed.

During Onam there are many pookkalam competitions. Each team will make a decoration using flowers of different colors. Each color represents a different goal in life—gaining wealth, enjoying pleasure, etc. But in order for the design to be beautiful and win the competition, the flowers must be kept within the boundaries of the circle. The boundary represents dharma. In order to win the competition of life, all of our goals and pleasures need to remain within the boundarites of dharma. Then life will be beautiful and full of happiness” Amma reminded everyone.

Then Amma led everyone in the hall to a very lively rendition of Bara Gopala Bala. After that, Amma stood up from her peetham and asked everyone else to stand as well and forget themselves in the moment. Then Amma led everyone in singing and dancing to ‘Radhe Govinda Gopi Gopala’.

Amma gave darshan while pot after pot of rice, sambar, avil curry, papadam, and payasam was positioned near the stage. Once all was in place, Amma began to distribute the traditional Ona-Sadhya to one and all. Amma personally served each and every one of the many thousands of people who had … even the biggest ashram resident at the end; once Amma had served all the visitors and residents she came down from the stage and playfully served Lakshmi the ashram elephant her share of Ona-Sadhya.

After the evening bhajans, all gathered again in the hall to enjoy various cultural performances that had been prepared for the occasion. Amma and all the devotees took in the variety of dances, dramas and musical performances, performed by the university students and ashram residents alike. Adding flavour to the celebration, there was a tug-of-war – first between Lakshmi and the ashram residents, then between the boys and girls. Even though the game tug-of-war is a traditional part of the Onam festivities, it was the first time that this was introduced at the ashram.

Just after midnight, once the performances and games had come to an end, Amma sang a joyous rendition of ‘Bandhalo’. As a final touch, Amma surprised everyone by distributing ice cream to everyone in the hall. It was a fitting end to the occasion—symbolic of the sweetness pervading the entire day and the Onam festival as a whole, and a reminder that it is the universal values we all share that lend sweetness and beauty to life.

– Kannadi

Amma playing with Lakshmi

The elephant Lakshmi was waiting by Amma’s house after bhajans to be fed and played with by Amma. When Amma was about to come around the corner Lakshmi felt it and began trumpeting in excitement.
In the meantime a lot of ashram residents & visitors where gathered as well to enjoy the rare occasion and secretly hoping of getting sprayed with water by Lakshmi at the end.

Amma fed Lakshmi balls of rice & bananas. Lakshmi was thoroughly enjoying it! Once in a while Amma teased Lakshmi by rubbing jaggery rice ball on Lakshmi’s tongue and pulling away and hiding it behind her back. Lakshmi would try to find it, with a smile on her face each time.

It was a great scene to watch! Sometimes Lakshmi would make some sounds as she was enjoying the sacred prasad given by Amma. When she was done eating there were a few pieces of food laying on the floor that Lakshmi spilled. Amma made her eat it, up to the last crumb. Amma is even teaching the elephants not to waste food.

After Lakshmi ate, a pot of water was brought in and she was drinking it happily. Out of the previous experiences of the Ashram residents they knew that Lakshmi would spray the people with water… Every time she lowered her trunk in the pot with water you could hear them oooohhhhh… and Lakshmi would drink it.. The tension was slowly building till she finally decided to bless everyone with water! Many people got wet but they loved every drop of it.

Lakshmi was really enjoying the whole thing. The whole time she had a huge smile on her face and was even playing with Amma by moving her trunk filled with water to Amma for a moment, but Amma told her not to spray Her but the other people.

When Amma was about to walk to her room Lakshmi prostrated to Amma.

Another glorious moment with Amma that will surely stay locked in the hearts of all people present.

– Kannadi

When compassion takes birth, Sri Krishna is born

 Sri Krishna’s Birthday Celebrations

21 August 2011, Amritapuri

At 4.50 am, on the Krishna Janmashtami day, the bhajan hall was echoing with the mantras of Lalita Sahasranama. The adjacent Kalari, filled with white smoke from the Homa Kunda. The celebrations of Lord Krishna’s birth had begun in the charged atmosphere of Amritapuri ashram.

To celebrate Krishna Jayanti with Amma, devotees poured into Amritapuri from the different corners of India and abroad. Because it was Krishna Jayanti, there was a full day of activities planned: Amma came and gave Darshan to her children, till about 3.00 pm, then the Nagara Sankirtan procession started at 3.00, ending at about 4.00 pm, with hundreds of devotees, ashramites and dozens of young Krishnas and Radhas all dressed up to participate in the procession chanting with fervor the divine names of the Lord.

The open ground on the west side of the ashram was all set to host the anticipated “Uriyadi” (the traditional cowherds’ game of breaking curd-pots, reminiscent of Krishna’s childhood pranks of stealing butter and curd stored in pots hung from the ceilings of houses). Just as Amma came out heavy rain began to fall, but Amma wouldn’t let that dampen the spirit of the gathering, and spontaneously shifted the venue to the bhajan hall, with the main stage serving as the venue of Uriyadi.

Amma sat on the stage was surrounded by countless little Krishnas with as many of as possible trying to occupying Amma’s lap.

In between Amma’s concerned voice could be heard asking everyone to dry their heads from the rain, so they wouldn’t catch cold! And of course there was laughter all around when an infant Krishna in Amma’s arms, suddenly remembered its mother and started crying loudly. As the kids finished the “first stage” Uriyadi, and the rain had stopped, and Amma asked everyone to go back to the open grounds which was now totally muddy. No one seemed to care as they stood in the mud, in puddles, on the available chairs and tables and some even in the trees; their eyes all riveted on Amma. The grounds had become Vrindavan, full of fun, excitement, and enthusiastic bhajans all lead by Amma.

After the Uriyadi, Amma, was back again for the regular evening bhajans which began with, “Hare Krishna shaure, vibho vishva murte, mukunda murare, yashoda ke pyare” in praise of child Krishna. But the final act was yet to come! At about 11.30 at night, for the fourth time in the day, Amma, returned to the stage where the Bala Gopala Puja and the reading of the Srimad Bhagavatam were taking place.
At midnight, exactly at the time of Krishna’s birth, Amma delivered her message on the life and values of Krishna. Amma narrated the story of a Gopi named Neeraja’s who exemplified Krishna’s message, “When compassion takes birth in our heart, Sri Krishna is born within us.”

Then as she does for every Krishna Jayanti, in a very blissful mood Amma sang several Krishna bhajans and finally asked all the devotees to stand up, put aside all their inhibitions and worries, and forget everything, and dance in bliss and ecstasy. Amma then lead the bhajan ‘Hari Bol Hari Bol Hari Hari Bol,’ while the whole hall erupted in dance.

Then Amma distributed payasam to all the devotees. One could hear Amma repeatedly asking for devotees who hadn’t received the payasam to raise their hands. Only after making sure that every one of her children had received the payasam did she go back to her room. It was past 1.30am and another memorable moments were archived in the hearts of devotees.

– Tulasi

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Boston 2011

By dispassion, we can outlive situations

10 – 13 July,  Boston, USA Yatra 2011

Amma arrived in Boxborough, Massachusetts where she held a days public program followed by a 3 day retreat at the Royal Plaza Hotel and Convention Centre in Marlborough.

In the retreat Amma told her children that “if there is dispassion in your heart, you can certainly outlive the situations”. Amma lead those who had gathered to see Her in a guided outdoor meditation, surrounded by the lush greenery of the forest that dominates the area. She then served food to all those who came and sung Bhajans as the day drew to a close on the last retreat in the United States before she concludes her 2011 North America Yatra in Toronto, Canada in a few days time.