Embracing the Inner Light

Diwali Celebration, Amritapuri, 12 November 2023

The air at Amritapuri Ashram was steeped in festivity as the joyous occasion of Diwali was celebrated with a serene glow. A heartwarming moment unfolded during the ‘arati’ ritual, with everyone present holding a small oil lamp, swaying in unison to the melodious tunes of the arati song.

Amma shared poignant words that resonated with the spiritual significance of Diwali. “May that divine light awaken within every one of her children,” she expressed, evoking the essence of the festival’s symbolism. Speaking about the transformative power of inner light she said “Once that inner light ignites, even the hearing impaired can hear, the vision impaired can see. With this external lamp, you need to bring that light within. Like a spark, that light is there within every one. May you receive that light,” Amma emphasized about the boundless potential within.

In a gentle yet powerful reminder, Amma conveyed, “You are the light,” reinforcing the idea that the true essence of Diwali lies in recognizing and embracing the radiance within oneself.