Sudhamritam – Question & Answer

Questions and quick responses of Amma

Sometimes, out of innocence, spontaneity or simple curiosity, someone asks Amma a very pointed question. Amma responds in kind, speaking just a few words in such a way as to pierce right to the heart of the matter at hand.

‘Q: Amma has followers all over the world. Do they all worship You?’ 

Amma worships them. All of them are my God. Amma does not have a God who dwells beyond the skies.

Q: How should the people see Amma? As God, Guru or Mother?

As you like. I am only interested in serving you..

Q: How do You see those who don’t believe in You?

For Amma, all children are alike — all are Her children.

Q: Why have You come down?

Son, it is the body that is coming and going, the Self remains unchanged. From birth itself Amma knew that God alone is the Truth.

Q: Why do you hug people?

It is like asking the river why it is flowing..

Q: Amma, when somebody prostrates to you, why do you touch their body and salute them?

Is not everything one and the same Truth? Amma bows down to the Truth. I bow down to my own Self.

Q: Does one take birth even after attaining Atmajnana?

One may do so for the protection of the world by one’s own will. Amma is ready to accept any number of births to serve the devotees and the suffering.

Q: Is it possible for us to get liberation in this birth?

Do not say ‘for us.’ There is no group liberation. Liberation is attained in different births according to each one’s course of karma.

Q: I have been worshipping God for a long time, but there is no peace of mind. What should I do?

Is it not the mind that has no peace? Eliminate the mind. Thus the problem is solved.

Q: I have no interest in sustaining the body, but I have the desire for God-Realisation. What should I do?

When one body is given up, another will be gained. To attain God, spiritual practices should be done. The body is needed for that; therefore, the thought to give up the body is wrong.

Q: How did you feel speaking in Malayalam to a foreign audience? (After Amma spoke at the UN General Assembly, Geneva in 2000)

I never felt any difference. Just like I am talking to you, I was talking to them.

Q: What would you do if you were to rule the world?

I would be the sweeper. I would sweep everyone’s mind clean.

Q: Being a women, you have done great wonders. Are You proud to be a women? If yes, why? If no, why?

Not what She could gain, but what She could give to others is most important for Amma. .

Q: So many Mahatmas have taken birth, yet why do the common man remain the same?

Soap is available, but just because it is there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will use it. Only if you use the soap will you get clean.

Q: What is Your opinion regarding religious conversion?

Religion is something that a person has to choose for him- or herself. It cannot be forced upon others. To forcibly try to convert others from one religion to another is wrong.

Q: Why do political and religious leaders commit mistakes?

Real followers of religious or political principles won’t commit any mistakes.