Around Amma 2020 India 2020

Amma has come to bless every living being in Madurai

“When attaining more and more wealth is our main objective, even a long life with ample wealth won’t be enjoyable,” Amma said during her visit to Madurai.

Around Amma 2019 India 2019

See hardships in life as stepping stones to success

21-22 Jan, Madurai Brahmasthanam Festival, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2019 Amma reached Madurai at 2 am after a long drive from Tiruvananthapuram. That same day, at 11 am she took the stage to begin the 2-day Brahmasthanam temple festival. Amma was welcomed to Madurai by several dignitaries including State Revenue Minister RB Udhayakumar, as […]

Around Amma 2018 India 2018

Permanent bliss is what everyone is searching for: Amma in Madurai

18-19 January, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2018 Amma held two days of Brahmasthanam festival activities at her Madurai ashram. The 2018 Bharata Yatra marks the 23rd anniversary of the Madurai Brahmasthanam temple’s consecration. Welcoming Amma to the city, Rajan Chellapa, MLA said, “Amma demonstrates the perfect harmony between spirituality and social service. Amma’s […]

Around Amma 2017 India 2017

God is the indivisible oneness, devoid of all boundaries: Amma in Madurai

30 – 31 January, Madurai Brahmasthanam, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2017 Amma held two days of programmes at the Madurai Ashram and Brahmasthanam Temple. Amma led the Manasa puja in Tamil for the benefit of the devotees there, and distributed new saris for members of the AmritaSree Self-help Groups in the area. Addressing the […]

Around Amma 2016 India 2016

It’s natural to make mistakes: Amma in Madurai

25 Feb, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Ystra 2016 After the Devakottai public program, Amma held a one day program, celebrating her 21st Brahmasthanam festival in Madurai. Soon upon her arrival to the city, Amma served a prasad dinner and sang several bhajans with the devotees and the tour group. The next morning Amma came […]

Around Amma 2015 India 2015 Satsang

How to get established in Tatvamasi

17 -18 Jan, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2015 After Amma had distributed prasad dinner at her Madurai ashram on Jan 16, she encouraged her children to put questions to her. Amma said that the quality of the questions asked indicates the spiritual evolution of the questioner. She said, “To know the taste of […]

Around Amma 2015 India 2015

Mattu Pongal and anniversary celebrations at Madurai Ashram

17-18 Jan, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2015 Amma held two day Brahmastanam Festival at her ashram in Madurai. The programme included archana, bhajans and darshan. To the delight of the devotees Amma led the manasa puja in Tamil. Due to the large crowds at the programmes, some devotees had to wait for a […]

Around Amma 2015 Satsang

Selfless Service is the Pongal that reaches Amma

16 Jan, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2015 It was almost 10 pm when Amma arrived at her Madurai ashram from Chennai. Amma distributed prasad dinner to her children and said, “You must have been hungry, haven’t you?” The devotees replied, “The hunger vanished when we saw Amma.” Amma added, “So, Anbu (pure love) […]

Around Amma 2013 India 2013

Amma in Madurai

12 – 13 April, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2013 Organizers of Amma’s programs are typically preoccupied by the same question. The question is always “Where?” Where we can we fit all these people? Because Amma’s programs never get smaller. And no matter the size of your venue, Amma’s program will ultimately outgrow it. […]

Around Amma Photos Yatra

Embrace with eyes and arms at Madurai

22 Jan, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata yatra 2011 Madurai is a temple city, home to some remarkable temples including the famous Meenakshi temple. Amma has been paying visits to this city since she was a young girl, even before she began publicly giving darshan. Today Amma once again returned to Madurai and gave a […]