Amma has come to bless every living being in Madurai

23 Jan, Brahmashtanam Festival- Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2020

Amma held two days of programs at her Brahmasthanam Temple and Ashram in Madurai. She delighted with devotees with a new set of Tamil bhajans, composed just before this yatra. Amma also spoke and led all in manasa puja and guided meditation in Tamil. Though many people had gathered to receive Amma’s darshan, the crowd was peaceful and everyone patiently waited their turn for a few moments in Amma’s arms.

In addressing the crowd, Amma pointed to the limits of the happiness that can be gained in the material world. “If sorrow is the hallmark of materialism, people would be bound to undergo many painful and difficult experiences in life. When attaining more and more wealth is our main objective, even a long life with ample wealth won’t be enjoyable.”

RB Udayakumar, Minister for Revenue, Natural disaster and IT of Tamil Nadu came to pay his respects and welcome Amma to Madurai. Addressing the crowd, he said, “In this great Madurai where goddess Meenakshi is residing, the person owning the mesmerizing name called Amma given by the world, has come to bless every living being in Madurai. By Amma’s simple hug, she has lightened up the life of several millions. I welcome her on behalf of Madurai. Madurai has one speciality. Everywhere else people go to temples to see God and pray. In Madurai, during the Chithirai festival, Kallalagar comes down to the river and blesses his children. In the same way, every year Amma is coming to Madurai and blessing us. It is our merit. I bow down and welcome Amma who is the embodiment of goddess Meenakshi.”

During the programs, Amma distributed new saris to the AmritaSREE self-help group members.

On both days, students of Amma’s Amrita Vidyalayam school presented different cultural programs, while devotees also offered delightful folk dances and other traditional performances.

As in previous years, local devotees brought ‘mulapari’ clay pots to Amma, but this time the group had came dressed with elaborate costumes and make-up representing various personalities from the Puranas. Towards the end of Amma’s darshan, they took over the stage and started singing and dancing, unable to contain their joy at being able to spend two days in Amma’s presence.

After two days of satsang, meditation, bhajans, darshan and uplifting performances, Amma concluded the festival by singing Amma Amma Taye.