Mattu Pongal and anniversary celebrations at Madurai Ashram

17-18 Jan, Madurai, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2015

Amma held two day Brahmastanam Festival at her ashram in Madurai. The programme included archana, bhajans and darshan. To the delight of the devotees Amma led the manasa puja in Tamil. Due to the large crowds at the programmes, some devotees had to wait for a long time until it was their turn to receive Amma’s embrace. To comfort the devotees, Amma repeatedly announced in Tamil: “be patient and drink enough water, I will give darshan to everyone!”

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Brahmastanam festivals in the city, the local devotees had undergone a 9-day fast and performed a special ritual that involved the sprouting of seedlings in mud pots (Mulapari). Towards the end of darshan on the last day these mud pots were carried on the heads of the devotees as they performed a traditional dance. Amma and all those present delighted in the outpouring of their devotion and played and danced along with them.

The evening Amma arrived in Madurai from Chennai, she served prasad dinner to everyone, sang bhajans and engaged in a very lively and profoundly spiritual conversation with her children. She elaborated on the importance of selfless service and the deeper significance of the upanishadic principle ‘Tatwamasi’.

– Kannadi