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Kolkata Pratistha

21 March 2008, Kolkata, West Bengal Bharata yatra 2008 On the morning of March 19 in Kolkata, Amma consecrated a Brahmasthanam Temple, performing both stupika pratishtha and prana pratishtha consecutively. The Kolkata Brahmasthanam is the Ashram’s first temple in West Bengal and its 20th such temple altogether. Kolkata is already home to a number of […]

Around Amma 2008 India 2008

Durga Blesses Kolkata

18 – 21 March 2008 — Kolkata, West Bengal Sri Durga Ma—clothed in red, each of her eight hands clutching a weapon—bore witness to Amma’s first Brahmasthanam Festival in her Calcutta ashram. For all three days of the program, the large Durga murti graced the dais where Amma sang bhajans, gave satsang, led meditation and […]

Around Amma Ashram Brahmasthanam Temples

Mangalore Brahmasthanam Consecrated

18 February, Bharata Yatra 2008, Mangalore Amma consecrated the 19th Brahmasthanam Temple in Boloor, Mangalore. In the auspicious muhurta of Punarvasu Nakshatra occurring between 11.48 am and 1.48 pm, Amma first installed the Kalasha atop the Brahmasthanam and then the Murthi inside the sanctum sanctorum. The rituals began at 11.48 with installation of Kalasha. There […]

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Installing god in the temple & in the heart

10 April 2005 — Trissur, Kerala In the pre-dawn morning, admist the chanting of the devotees, the explosions of fireworks, and the joyous hue and cry of the panchavadyam, Amma installed her 18th Brahmasthanam murti—this one in Trissur, Kerala. Watch video: The murthi is being brought to the temple Amma installing the murthi

Around Amma 2005

Brahmasthanam temple in Trissur

20 March 2005 Amma will inaugurate Her 18th Brahmasthanam Temple, conducting the stupika pratishtha on 9 April from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. and the murti pratishtha on 10 April from 6:20 to 6:30 a.m. The new temple is located at Amma’s ashram in Ayyantol, Trissur, approximately 180 kilometres north of Amritapuri. Trissur is considered as […]

Around Amma 2004 India 2004

Amma arrives at her ashram in New Mumbai

Bharata Yatra 2004 4 March 2004 — New Mumbai, Maharashtra After a large program in Prabhadevi Mumbai that lasted until 9:00 a.m., Amma came to Her ashram in Nehrul, New Mumbai. Upon Her arrival, Amma walked through the large group of devotees who were still busy preparing the ashram for the two-day Brahmasthanam Festival that […]

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Kalasha sthapana in Bangalore

12 February 2003, BangaloreAt 8:30 this morning Amma performed the Kalasha Sthapana for Her newest Brahmasthanam Temple, installing the stupika at the apex of the temple’s roof. Gongs, bells, traditional panchavadyam drums and horns accompanied the continuous chanting of the mantra “Om Sivasaktyaikya Rupinyai Namah” (Salutations to the One who is the union of Shiva […]

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Thousands of smiling and satisfied faces

30 January 2002, Thiruvnanthapuram When Amma arrived in Trivandrum for the 2002 Brahmasthanam programs, devotees flocked to catch a glimpse of Her as She drove by. She went to the balcony of the Ashram and personally rolled prasad of vibhuti and candy while brahmacharinis handed the packets out to devotees rushing forward. She spent at […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2001

The hungry hands of Kozhikode

Amma stood there and looked out over all those faces, all those hands, and the only way to say what happened is: love poured from Her Face, Her Eyes, Her Self.

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Amma’s rituals – with lotuses

30,May, 2001 Generally as a religion matures, its rituals become fixed and unvarying. This preserves something fine from the early times; it also tends to breed mechanical repetition and to block the heart’s natural tendency to respond with newness and freshness. Ritual can be the death or the life of religious practices. We are blessed […]