Thousands of smiling and satisfied faces

30 January 2002, Thiruvnanthapuram


When Amma arrived in Trivandrum for the 2002 Brahmasthanam programs, devotees flocked to catch a glimpse of Her as She drove by. She went to the balcony of the Ashram and personally rolled prasad of vibhuti and candy while brahmacharinis handed the packets out to devotees rushing forward. She spent at least ten minutes throwing flower petals from the balcony to the devotees below. The sight resembled a wave of bliss, the constant stream of falling petals and devotees shoulder to shoulder weaving and reaching up to catch even a petal or two. It was truly an unimaginable sight of profound devotion.

On the first day of programs, Amma joined Her awaiting devotees around 11:30 am beaming as usual. Already a large crowd had assembled inside the program anxious for Her arrival. Long lines had even formed outside of the gate, each person hoping for a moment in Amma’s arms. She lead the crowd in meditation and manasa puja and gave an inspiring satsang, sang bhajans, including a few new songs and then sat until 5:00 in the evening giving darshan.

Watching Amma give darshan while simultaneously orchestrating the symphony around Her always reminds us of the miracle Amma IS! Every few seconds another person is in Her arms and without missing a beat, She consoles and converses with devotees on Her left, on Her right, in front of Her and behind Her. Every moment She gives Herself to everyone, compassionately stroking the backs of a family who just experienced a tragedy while beaming into the eyes of sad little girl sitting nearby

Amma again sat for over seven hours during the night programs. Just before reaching Her room, She stopped and spoke from the balcony with devotees watching below. When She turned towards them, the devotees suddenly cried out, “Amma, Amma!” and She smiled and joked with them. This spontaneous joyful feeling captured the general atmosphere of the Brahmasthanam this year, festive and peaceful and selfless. Inspired by Amma’s own example, local devotees, offered their help chopping vegetables or rolling chapattis so that everyone might receive food.

In the presence of Amma’s Perfection, thousands of smiling and satisfied faces greet each other. “Ah!” One says to oneself,” Another successful program with Amma!”