Month: June 2016

  • Amma in Chicago Ashram

    Amma in Chicago Ashram

    27-29 June, Chicago, IL, America Yatra 2016 A freshly painted hall welcomed Amma to her Chicago Ashram as she returned for the 5th consecutive year. She led all in Meditation, Bhajans gave talks and Darshan on these two days. During the first day of programs, area Satsangs put on a number of cultural programs. Bala…

  • Amma in Texas

    Amma in Texas

    24-25 Jun, Ft. Worth, Texas – America Yatra 2016 This year’s programs in Texas were held at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Ft. Worth, TX, about 45 minutes west of Dallas. On the first morning, four local civil representatives were on hand to garland Amma. Welcoming Amma to Ft. Worth, Mr. Jameson addressed Amma and…

  • Amma in Santa Fe

    Amma in Santa Fe

    18-22 Jun Santa Fe, New Mexico – America Yatra 2016 Amma held two days of public programs followed by a three-day retreat and Devi Bhava at the Buffalo Thunder Resort just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. During the retreat, there were meditation classes, talks with the Swamis, IAM classes, and a question and answer…

  • AYUDH participates in Human Rights Council Youth Forum at the UN

    AYUDH participates in Human Rights Council Youth Forum at the UN

    On 10 June 2016, seven AYUDH members from Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Spain joined around 120 young leaders from all over the world gathered at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, to participate in a historic moment: For the first time, youth had the chance to formally voice their opinion in regard to different human…

  • International Yoga day at Amritapuri Ashram

    International Yoga day at Amritapuri Ashram

    21 Jun 2016, Amritapuri The main hall in the Ashram was full this morning as a Yoga classes were conducted to celebrate the day. More than 1000 participated in this yoga celebration, including children, youth and old aged.   [Show thumbnails]

  • Partnership programs in LA

    Partnership programs in LA

    14-16 June, Los Angeles, America Yatra 2016 Amma returned to the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel for three days of programs on June 14th-16th. During the first evening program, a representative of MA Center-LA announced that the Center has recently launched two Embracing the World programs in partnership with three local non-profit organizations. Through partnerships…

  • Amma to visit Tokyo Japan from 18 July

    Amma to visit Tokyo Japan from 18 July

    July 18-20, 2016Venue:BelleSalle Shibuya Garden, Hall CSumitomofudosan Shibuya Garden Tower B1,Nanpeidaicho 16-17, Shibuya, Tokyo Japan18 July (Mon) 11:0019 July (Tue) 10:00 & at 18:3020 July (Wed) 10:00 & 18:30July 20th (Wed) 18:30 to 20:00 Amma will be giving talk, bhajans, meditation and Darshan to all during these sessions.

  • Amma in San Ramon, California

    Amma in San Ramon, California

    7 -12 June, San Ramon, America Yatra 2016 After Seattle, Amma headed to the San Ramon Ashram where she has been holding programs for the past 27 years. Amma held three days of public programs followed by a retreat, concluding with Devi Bhava on June 12th. During Amma’s darshan time, satsangs groups from around the…

  • Amma in Seattle Xfinity

    Amma in Seattle Xfinity

    4-5 June, Seattle, America Yatra 2016 Amma began her 30th North American tour on June 5th with two days of programs at the XFINITY Arena in Everett, WA, USA. People came from all over the world to meet Amma and receive her darshan. Seattle Foundation Board Member and noted philanthropist Linda Parks garlanded Amma welcomed…

  • Amma in Mauritius

    Amma in Mauritius

    25-26 April 2016, M A Center, Mauritius With utmost love and yearning for Her presence, devotees awaited Her arrival at the ashram with great fanfare while chanting “Om Amriteshwariye Namah.” Seeing Her entering the ashram filled our hearts with contentment after years of waiting had came to an end when she arrived in Mauritius on…