Amma in Chicago Ashram

27-29 June, Chicago, IL, America Yatra 2016

A freshly painted hall welcomed Amma to her Chicago Ashram as she returned for the 5th consecutive year. She led all in Meditation, Bhajans gave talks and Darshan on these two days.


During the first day of programs, area Satsangs put on a number of cultural programs. Bala Kendra students chanted Gita, put on a performance medley depicting the stories of Haunman, Ganesha, and Krishna, and sang bhajans. They also put on a performance embracing Amma’s message that kids these days are spending too much time on electronics. In the play, kids learn that playing outside, helping nature by planting trees, and doing seva together is more fun and beneficial.


Local Chicago AYUDH youth sang bhajans and put on a dance about Krishna and Radha. Members of the Chicago area satsang peformed a Kaikottikali dance, followed by a fusion of Marathi, Gugurati, and Bhangra style dancing.


At the end of the day program, Amma sang two new English bhajans and one new Punjabi bhajan, then danced briefly before leaving the stage.