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Spiritual investment will never go waste

23 May 2011, ¬†Amritpauri Every year before the USA yatra, Amma holds a meeting for all the ashramites. This is the time of the year when she shares her vision on the working of the institutions, point out shortcomings, suggesting the modus operandi we need to pursue and tips on sadhana. This year also was […]

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Masala Dosa festival at Amritapuri

23 May 2011, Amritapuri Amma’s US tour is about to start. Before every tour, Amma makes it a point to meet each and every Ashramite. Usually it takes more than 10-12 days of continuous Darshan for Amma to meet everyone and each day Amma would have to sit more than 15 hours, receiving one and […]

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Changeless in the midst of change

May 2011 While Amma herself is changeless, the Ashram is constantly in a state of flux. For those living here, the changes can be gradual. But for the occasional, annual visitor, they catch one’s eye immediately. Arriving at the backwaters, with Amritapuri rising to the west, the first change one notices is that Amrita Setu […]

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IAM Meditation camp for instructors

As per Amma’s instructions a two day All India IAM Technique Trainers’ camp was conducted on May 14th and 15th at Amritapuri. The participants were from various states, covering almost the entire geographical spread of India. IAM Meditation camp for instructors IAM Meditation camp for instructors IAM Meditation camp for instructors Devotees from all over […]

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Amma in Trissur

7, 8 May, Trissur, Kerala — Bhatara Yatra 2011 After many hours of travel by road through the congested roads of Kerala, Amma finally arrived at Trissur at 9.00 pm. In India mahatmas are greeted in a very traditional manner, and so is Amma, But with Amma more than tradition, it is the love that […]

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Amma in Kannur

4 – 5 May, Kannur, Kerala — Bharata Yatra 2011 After a long wait and many changes in dates finally Amma had arrived in Kannur. The ashram is set in very rustic environs. There is a feel of a village – houses set close together, yards with coconut palms, mango and jackfruit laden trees, cows […]

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Installation of Brahmasthanam Temple in Kannur

5 May, Kannur Brahmasthana Pratishta, Bharata Yatra 2011 There was an air of expectancy in the air as Amma was to consecrate the temple. The pujas had already started a few days prior to Amma’s arrival. On the 4th bimba shudhi and vaastu shuddhi was completed. The morning of 5th Amma appeared in a yellow […]

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Amma in Mangalore

1 -2 May, Mangalore — Bharata Yatra 2011 Amma left Amritapuri on the evening of the 29th. Nobody knew whether there would be any stops with Amma or we would drive directly to Mangalore. As we were crossing Kodungallur we were told that Amma would be stopping in the Kodungallur school. Travelling with Amma the […]

Disaster Relief

Relief work at Rikuzentakata, Japan

Volunteer doing hand massage for one of the refugee at the camp Volunteers helping with the laundry Miyoki Ochi and Minako Hayashi, washing the useable clothes Within three days of the disaster, Embracing the World sent its first group of volunteers to the affected areas to distribute food and water for the refugees. After two […]