Diwali with Amma

18 Oct, Mannheim, Germany – 2009 Europe yatra

Yesterday was Deepavali, the festival of lights. At home, Deepavali is celebrated as “the awareness of the inner light” and in bliss of the Divine Mother’s victory, whose grace can remove the darkness of ignorance.

Yesterday was special indeed in the mind of many. Through a little chat whilst Darshan was going on, Amma reminded us that the luminous inner light of the Self is ever shining steadily in the chamber of the heart and that the very goal is to seek that Self. The usual tour-cooks, Paul and Lavan and their team, had prepared sweets for Amma and all. They brought some very ‘sugared’ Deepavali sweets and a special less sugared version for Amma. Amma enjoyed both versions of the Prasad and blessed it by having some of both. Very special was that moment. The Prasad was then distributed to one and all by the very same hands that made them. On the door way leading out of the hall, people had sparklers(fireworks) in their hands while many others had lit candles. Amma touched every single person who had stood on the way on either sides as she walked out of the stage after a full night’s Darshan. It was around 3:30am. It is so very beautiful to be in this very presence of Light.

– Kannadi