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Amma in Mannheim

12th – 14th November, Mannheim, Germany — Europe Yatra 2010 Before the Mannheim programs, Amma spent some time at Hof Herenberg, the German ashram, located in the beautiful countryside about an hour from the city of Mannheim. Amma distributed prasad and sang bhajans with local devotees and the ashram residents. During the Mannheim programs, the […]

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Diwali with Amma

18 Oct, Mannheim, Germany – 2009 Europe yatra Yesterday was Deepavali, the festival of lights. At home, Deepavali is celebrated as “the awareness of the inner light” and in bliss of the Divine Mother’s victory, whose grace can remove the darkness of ignorance. Yesterday was special indeed in the mind of many. Through a little […]

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Children children everywhere

28 October 2006, GermanyTo anyone attending the programmes in Munich and Mannheim, one would think that Germany has more children than any other country on earth.   In both places, dozens of children shared the stage with Amma during satsang each night – in Mannheim, the count was as high as 75!   Even during the Devi […]

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Many musical offerings of Mannheim

October 13-15, 2005 — Mannheim, Germany Whatever gift a child may offer its mother, she will treasure it with all her heart. The truth of this statement was made evident in Mannheim, where Amma’s devotees offered a diverse array of performances at her feet: a traditional tribal dance from Northern Kerala, a Malayalam children’s song […]