Ammas North American Yatra 2009

Amma’s 2009 North American Yatra will occur between November 16th and November 27th.

San Ramon
M.A. Center, Castro Valley.

Public Program
Mon, Nov 16 (11am to 5pm)
Tue, Nov 17 (Programs begin at 10am and 7:30pm)
Wed, Nov 18 (Programs begin at 10am and 7:30pm)

Thu, Nov 19 – Sat, Nov 21
Devi Bhava
Sat, Nov 21 (evening)
Please note: All the

Public Program
Mon, Nov 23 (evening only)
Tue, Nov 24 (11 am to 5pm)

Wed, Nov 25 – Fri, Nov 27
Devi Bhava
Fri, Nov 27 (evening)

Dates are subject to change and venues are to be announced.