Amma to install a new Brahmasthanam temple in Manjeri

Amma to install a new Brahmasthanam temple in Manjeri, North Kerala on 23rd April .This will be the 22nd Brahmasthanam temple consecrated by Amma.

Amma will also visit two more cities in Kerala as part of the 3rd leg of her Bharata Yatra.



Manjeri Brahmasthanam Pratishta – 23 April
23-24 April 2015

April 23, 10.25 am Tazhikuda Pratishta
April 23, 11.05 am Prana Pratishta

Amrita Vidyalayam, Narukara P.O,
Kozhikode-Nilmbur-Gudallur Road, Manjeri, Kerala 676122 {map}


Trissur Brahmasthanam annual festival 
26-27 April 2015

M.A.M. Trissur
Amrita Nagar, Ayyanthole, Panchikkal, Trissur, Kerala
Phone: 0487-2362700 {map}


Ernakulam Brahmasthanam annual festival
29-30 April 2015

M.A.M. Ernakulam
Kunnumpuram (NH 17) Edappally North P.O, Ernakulam, Kochi 682024 Kerala
Phone: 0484 2800682 {map}



Dignitaries seek blessings in Delhi

2 April, New Delhi – Bharata Yatra 2015
During the programs in Delhi, so many National Leaders and officials met Amma, seeking her blessings and guidance. Here are some of them.

“It [meeting Amma] has proved to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to work for humanity and serve society at larg ” JP Nadda, Union Minister of Health wrote in the visitors diary.



Amma in Delhi

29-30 March, Brahmasthanam, New Delhi , Bharata Yatra 2015

Amma reached New Delhi, the last stop of the 2nd leg of Bharata Yatra 2015, at 4.19am on March 28. It had been a two day trip from Ahmedabad, with an overnight stay in the holy city of Pushkar.

Later that day, Amma was invited to the Prime Ministers office. In a private meeting with Narendra Modi, the PM requested Amma to contribute to the Namami Gange Cleanup project, to which Amma gladly agreed {news}.

Upon her return to the ashram, Amma served dinner to the Delhi devotees and tour group, sang bhajans and joined everyone in a guided meditation and prayer for world peace.

Throughout this tour Amma has personally served a total of over 30,000 meals to the tour group, volunteers and devotees.

During the public function on March 29, Kishenpal Gujjer, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment handed over Vidyamritam scholarships to deserving children from the Northern region.

Both days of programmes saw a humongous crowd, including people from the states of Rajasthan, Uttarpradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Kashmir. Many devotees from these states came from the villages that MAM has adopted as part of its self-reliance and empowerment scheme.

Being the capital city, Delhi saw many dignitaries come for darshan and seeking Ammas blessings, amongst them were Hon Home Minister Rajnath Singh and National Security Adviser Ajith Doval. {see more}

Children from Uttarakhand as well as students of Amrita Vidyalayam offered a variety of cultural programmes.

The Delhi AYUDH group ran a canteen which served delicious North Indian snacks, helping in the fundraising efforts to support MAMs charitable projects.

After the extremely hot climate in most preceding programme locations, Delhi provided a pleasant change in weather, with light rainfalls and fresh air. It was as if tender showers of grace came down as a sign of blessing for the end of the tour. It had been an incredible journey, a pilgrimage that surely is unique in todays world. A total of 23 vehicles, including eleven buses, two trucks and an ambulance, traveled over 3000 km to ten programme locations in six Indian states. The tour group included a kitchen crew, equipped to cater for tens of thousands of people, sound system, videography, bookstall and recycling teams.

Once again, Amma had blessed hundreds of thousands of people with her embrace, instilling hope, faith and love in the hearts of those who came to seek her presence.

From here Amma will fly to Singapore, Malaysia and Australia to meet her children waiting there.

– Sundar



Amma, please visit us every year: Chief Minister of Gujarat Anandiben Patel

26 Mar, Amdavad, Gujarat – Bharata Yatra 2015

Upon arrival in Amdavad on March 25, Amma spent a joyful evening with her children on the school grounds of Amrita Vidyalayam – singing and dancing to Gujarati bhajans.

The following day, Smt. Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat, visited Amma in the school premises to seek her blessings and guidance.

Smt. Anandiben Patel also welcomed Amma at the public function later that day. In her speech, she said: “Today is a very historic day for Gujarat, for the world renowned Amma has come to us. She has given darshan to millions of people around the world. She consoles the suffering and offers them guidance.

“Amma was born in a simple family around 60 years ago. Back then it was very hard for girls to receive good education. As a girl of only 7-8 years Amma did godly work with her words, deeds and her presence – helping people in sorrow, feeding the poor and hungry – before she herself would eat. All these qualities came naturally to her, from birth itself.

“Today, I feel very blessed to listen to her and receive her direct guidance. Our biological mother will not love us as dearly. Amma is giving much more – to the poor, the sorrowful. It is not an easy task that she has taken up. But she has chosen to do this work.

“Amma, I humbly ask you to visit Amdavad every year to provide us with your guidance and shower your grace to fulfil all that we lack.”

Among other dignitaries who present at the programme was Swami Adhyathmananda of Shivananda Ashram, and Padmashree Dr. Tejas Patel.


During the public function, Amma handed over Amrita Nidhi pensions and Vidyamritan scholarships. To support local women, Amma also distributed free saris and sewing machines, with which the women can now earn their own livelihood. In a special ceremony Amma handed over eight certificates to young women from the Dagara village, acknowledging their completion of the 10th standard exams conducted by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

Every time Amma visits Ahmedabad, her children from the Kutch district travel over 400 km to pay their respects and receive Ammas blessings. They are forever grateful to Amma for rebuilding three villages in their region in response to the 2001 Gujarat earthquake.

An abundance of cultural programmes was offered by students of Amrita Vidyalayam.

As darshan concluded on March 27 at 8:31, Amma sang a new Gujarati bhajan which made people both off and on the stage dance and rejoice in the rays of the morning sun.

– Sundar


We want to bring glory to our village: Dagara girls

25 Mar, Amdavad, Gujarat – Bharata Yatra 2015

During the public programme in Amdavad, in Amma’s presence, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Smt. Anandiben Patel, handed over certificates of encouragement to eight young women, acknowledging their completion of the 10th standard exams conducted by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

The recognition is notable since it marks the successful continuation of Amma’s humanitarian work in Gujarat. The Dagara village in Bhuj, where the girls are from, is one of three villages rebuilt by Ashram after the devastating earthquake in 2001 {news}. Ever since, the community has been receiving Amma’s continuous support for its overall development.

Recently, Dagara became one of 40 villages in 20 states to participate in an educational scheme of Amrita University which uses tablet-based education to tutor both children and adults . Previously, the village school only went up to 8th grade, but with the new computer-based education, students can now remain in the village and complete their studies up to 10th grade, allowing them to pursue a profession that will further support their families and aid in the development of the community. Up until recently, because of safety concerns, parents would not allow their daughters to leave the village for higher studies beyond 8th grade.

Meera, one of the graduates and mother to a two-year old child, enrolled in the programme after a gap of eight years from school. She had been eager to take up her studies again to attain a BEd (Bachelor of Education) Teachers Certificate. Meera said, “I want to be a teacher so that I can reach out to those who are deprived and help them move ahead in life.”

Shanti, another graduate, had resumed studies after a gap of two years. She now wants to become a nurse and serve in her community. The successful completion of the 10th standard will help her reach that goal.

The girls said, “We have classes every day from 2pm to 7 pm, with no holidays. We love to study and don’t feel bored at all . All our families are farmers. It is our dream to bring glory to our village by introducing new professions. Thank you Amma, for helping us achieve that goal.”

Present at the function was also Veji Ben, the Maths, English, and Science teacher for the students. She herself became the first girl in Dagara to complete a +2 (pre-university) degree, staying at her uncle’s house in the next village to attend the university there. Now she is proud to congratulate the first batch of female students from her own village who would otherwise not have had the same opportunity she had. “Most of the students want to take up arts. For science they will need a lab and other facilities,” says Veji Ben.

The girls presented a Kutch dance dressed in traditional costumes for Amma.

After they had spent the whole night at the venue with Amma, the girls remarked, “We had known about Amma since she rebuilt our village. But now that we see her we don’t want to leave her presence, we want to live with her.”

This is just one of many stories of how Amma’s sustained humanitarian outreach transforms entire communities and empowers a new generation to uplift not only their own families, but society as a whole.

– Sundar


Garba dance at the school garden

24 March, Amdavad, Gujarat- Bharata Yatra 2015

As soon as Amma finished giving darshan at 5.40 in the morning of 24th in Mumbai, Amma and the tour group immediately started to drive towards Amdavad for her next program.

Upon reaching the Amrita Vidyalayam, Amdavad at 10.20 pm, Amma sat in the beautiful grassy courtyard of the school, surrounded both by her Gujarati devotees and tour group. After a meditation session and prasad dinner, Amma sang Gujarati bhajans. As it is the very nature of Gujaratis, one by one, the devotees started to get up to dance and clap to the music. Young and old alike, parents with they little babies on their shoulders, joined in a joyful celebration. Soon, Amma’s international children also got up and rejoiced in copying some of the traditional Garba dance moves.

What started as a small picnic soon turned into a turning mandala of dance in the garden of the school. Colourful Gujarati costumes and faces of all nationalities whirled in the blinking decoration-lights of the buildings.

Neighbours looking down from their windows and balconies were surely wondering at the scene, marvelling at Amma’s wonder to bring about such a cheerful celebration in the middle of the night, uniting hearts from all nationalities and walks of life.

– Sundar


Amma in Mumbai

22-23 March, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashta – Bharata Yatra 2015

For two days Amma held the Brahmastanam festival in Mumbai.

As Amma reached her Nerul ashram on the evening of March 21st, she was welcomed by the local devotees with tears of joy in their eyes. As it has become a tradition on this tour, Amma spent the first evening in her ashram serving food and singing bhajans – this time A-i Bhavani and Tandana Tandana, two up-beat bhajans which made the crowd cheer and celebrate with Amma.


In the conversation that followed between Amma and the devotees, one devotee asked the question: “Amma, your needs are very little. We, on the contrary, never seem to be getting enough, we are never satisfied. How can we overcome our desires? “
Amma replied: “The reason that you are always craving more and more is due to ignorance. Awareness is the light which dissolves the desires.”

Especially the first day of programme in Mumbai saw an unprecedented crowd, overflowing to the streets surrounding the ashram.


During the public program, Amma distributed Amrita Nidhi pensions and Vidyamritam scholarships to deserving children.

AmritaSeRVe programme has reached out to several villages in Maharashtra, empowering the tribal women of the villages through vocational training programmes to earn their own livelihood. One group of such women from the Rensai tribal village came and proudly presented their handmade malas to Amma. By selling these, they can sustain themselves and their families with a steady income. They also presented a traditional dance for Amma.

Always joyful and ready to serve, the AYUDH Mumbai group was very active and helped in all areas of work throughout the programme.

Many dignitaries came to pay their tribute to Amma and seek her blessings, amongst them were Vidya Balan, film actor; Anjali Menon, film director; Nikhil Sinha, one of the directors of ‘Devonki Dev Mahadev'; and Sudha Chandran, the TV / film actress.

One of the cultural highlights of the programme were the joyful and uplifting bhajans of Shailendra. The whole crowd was clapping and singing along to his heart-stirring tunes.

Both days Amma held Satsang, Bhajans, Manasa puja in Hindi language and darshan.

One of the largest brahamstanam programmes on this tour came to an end, with Amma singing “Guruvadi vani sun lo” – a Punjabi bhajan, leaving behind many fond memories in the hearts of the devotees of Mumbai.

– Sundar



Be the master of gadgets

19-20 March, Pune, Maharashtra – Bharata Yatra 2015
It had been two years since Amma visited the city last, so the devotees were eagerly awaiting Ammas arrival at Pune for a Brahmastanam Festival.

Earlier, on the way from Hyderabad to Pune, Amma stopped at a the Umarga Dattatreya temple, to serve dinner and sing bhajans with everyone. In this beautiful and profoundly spiritual surroundings one of Ammas international children took the opportunity to ask Amma whether she could reveal some more details about the ashram that has presumably existed hundreds of years ago in the same place where Amritapuri is located now. Amma replied that this ashram had been a place of intense spiritual quest, where many people attained samadhi. Amma continued to say that even in the early days of the ashram Amma had foretold that the land belonging to 46 families surrounding the Kalari temple will ultimately be part of the ashram premises.

The tour group reached the Pune ashram on 18th March at 06:30 in the morning, after a 17 hour bus ride from Hyderabad. That same evening, Amma served prasad dinner to all tour staff and local devotees, answered their questions and sang joyful bhajans.

Amma also distributed Vidayamritam scholarships, providing free education to deserving children and Amrita Nidhi pensions to impoverished widows.

To the delight of the devotees, Amma led the Manasa Puja in Hindi and sang many new Marathi Bhajans.

Pune is known for its rich cultural and spiritual heritage – many renowned artists offered their musical renditions to Amma: Sanjay Garud, disciple of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, the famous hindustani singer, presented soul-stirring devotional bhajans, called Abhangwani

Deepak Bhanuse delighted the crowd with a flute recital and a traditional Bhajan group sang the Marathi style Haripath.

A disciple of Briju Maharaj, Pandit Nandkishor Kapote presented Kathak, a classical dance form of North India.

Amma is well known to for her ability to convey the most profound teachings to people of any age. During darshan, 8-year old Pahi asked Amma: “When I watch TV, I see the political leaders arguing and fighting a lot. How can people who argue so much lead a country?”
Amma replied: “My child, discussion is very important. Meeting should be a meeting of hearts, not just of the intellect. Through discussion we can learn new ideas, acquire knowledge and rectify our misconceptions. However, the ideas and opinions we share should not be an expression of our egos. If you can learn and imbibe this art of leading a productive discussion, you will benefit greatly when you grow up.”

Next, it was the girls grandfathers turn for darshan. He complained to Amma that Pahi has been using the tablet computer for too many hours. Even Pahi herself admitted to Amma that she was addicted to the gadget.
To this, Amma gave the following advice: “You should use the tablet and not let the tablet use you. Don’t allow this gadget to be your master. Learn how to make proper use of technology and use it for your own benefit and the benefit of others.”

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Chairman Board of Governance IIT Delhi, one of India’s leading technological institutes came for Amma’s darshan. He said: “I was tremendously inspired by Ammas vision, from her project announcements during Amritavarsham60, to encourage college students to work in India’s villages after their graduation. We are committed to implement this vision and have asked all IITs in India to encourage their graduates to dedicate at least one or two years in a village and to develop something useful for them and empower these villages. It has become a trend that students go abroad in search of a job after they obtaining a degree. We want to change that.”

March 21st marked the New Year for many parts of India. Celebrating this Gudi Paduva – the name of the New Year in Maharashtra – many devotees turned their darshan into a celebration of an auspicious start to the New Year – singing and dancing with lamps in their hands as they approached Amma for blessings.

Towards the end of darshan, one devotee dressed Amma up as Sant Tukaram, one of the famous saints of Maharashtra, wearing a shawl and white turban.

As Amma finally concluded darshan at 4:30 am, she asked everyone close by which Marathi bhajan they would like to hear. After a short debate, the clear winner was ‘A-i Bhavani’, which Amma sang to the joy of all those present.

The very name of the city Pune means punya nagari – meritorious city. Clearly, the devotees of Pune were showered with an abundance of blessings as a response to the loving welcome and pure devotion they expressed towards Amma.

– Kannadi



God is nothing more than the embodiment of all noble qualities

Heading out from Bengaluru, Amma and the tour group continued traveling north to Hyderabad, once part of Andhra Pradesh, and now part of the new state of Telangana. This will be Amma’s first visit to the new state.

On the way to Hyderabad, Amma stopped with the tour group on the grounds of a factory that happened to be just off the side of the highway. For years the owner of the factory had been watching Amma’s weekly talks on the local language television channel, but he had never had the chance to meet Amma in person. So imagine his surprise when he saw Amma and her tour group pull unexpectedly onto his property!


For the next few hours Amma sat with everyone in the group as well as the delighted factory owner and his family, singing bhajans and leading a discussion about the preservation of Mother Nature. Amma reminded everyone that in the days of our ancestors there was no need for environmental education because all of nature was seen as part of the creator. They had the vision to know that creator and creation were one and the same and not different from each other.

Amma and the tour group finally arrived at her beautiful Hyderabad ashram at 4am the following morning after a full day and night of travel.

Later that day, Amma met one the city’s highest ranking law enforcement officers. A lower ranking officer accompanying him also had a chance to meet Amma for the first time. The officer expressed to Amma he does not believe in God, but instead, believes in goodness. Upon hearing this, Amma told him that she really liked his openness, and to her God is nothing more than the embodiment of all noble qualities. She told the officer that if he or anyone else is able to live in accordance with goodness and values, that is enough.

Over the next two days of programs, Amma delighted all the locals by leading the Manasa Puja in Telegu and singing many Telegu bhajans along with satsang and meditation sessions.

Amma expanded the Vidyamritam program of educational scholarships with 1,000 new beneficiaries. These included 65 students from the AmritaCREATE centers from the villages of Kodur in Telengana and Gudipaticheruvu in Seemandhra.

Students from the Kodur center performed their native Kolattam dance with jingling cymbals on sticks.

Amrita Vidyalayam students also presented different cultural programs.

At the end of the final day of programs, finishing darshan at 3.30 am, as Amma was leaving the hall, Amma stopped by a man in the crowd who had come to offer her a packet of incense and camphor. Amma asked him if he had been drinking. Embarrassed, the man replied, ‘Yes.’ Amma then told the man that God doesn’t need any material offerings – what is actually needed is the purity of thought, action, and deed.

Amma concluded the programs by singing ‘Guruvadi Vani Sun Lo’ which means ‘Listen to the Words of the Masters.’

– Sundar


2015 bangalore

Amma in Bangalore

11-12 March, Bangalroe, Karnataka – Bharata Yatra 2015

Amma arrived to Bangalore by mid-night, after a stop at Sri Rangapattinam, in the evening to the warm welcome of hundreds of devotees, including many students of Amrita University.

The following evening, Amma served prasad to a hall full of devotees and students. Amma sang for all gathered. Everyone present was brimming over with happiness.

Students of the Veda Gurukulam,  welcomed Amma to the stage with Vedic chanting.

Nyayamurti Y Bhaskar Rao, the Loka Yuta Chief, and SK Patil, Hon. Minister for Irrigation helped distribute pensions and scholarships to needy women and children.


Many cultural programs were staged by Amrita Vidyalayam and Amrita University Bangalore students. A highlight of the last evening was an elaborate dramatization of the Ramayana by the Amrita University students of the Bangalore campus. The costumes, acting and original music were superb. Ravana’s ten heads were creatively portrayed by ten students standing together. The students staged this epic in an epic way!

The Bangalore program is special because of the incredible active participation of hundreds of students from Amrita University. The students were seen in every corner of the program site. Unloading the sound system truck, answering questions at the ‘May I Help You Desk’, giving out water to the devotees, setting up the hall, and helping direct seating, the students tirelessly served wherever they were needed.

One student was washing dishes early morning by the snacks canteen. Later in the evening the same boy was there still washing dishes. He was asked “Don’t you have a replacement? You have been here all day!” He replied enthusiastically “I cannot leave, it is my duty—I am the supervisor!” Such was the dedication of the students volunteering their time and effort to serve the devotees at Amma’s Bangalore program.

At the finish of the last evening’s darshan, Amma treated everyone present to a new Hindi song ‘Aaye he sare jaha yaha..’
The devotees cried “Mata Rani Ki Jai!!!” as Amma, smiling at all, stood up from her darshan seat, concluding this year’s Bangalore program.

As Amma walked back to her room, the student group surprised her by asking to have a photograph, standing on her steps. And Amma humbly obliged.

– Sundar