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Quenching the drought with Love in San Ramon, California

(1 Dec '13)

Amma and the group arrived in San Ramon ashram in the evening of Nov 17th after a long flight from Barcelona, Spain. It was a full day of darshan the very next day. The local county had declared a drought for the region, for it had not received rain for months. The very next day, […]

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View the world from our heart, ugliness will disappear

(18 Nov '13)

13-15 Nov, Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2013 The Palau d’Esports in Granollers, the city situated in the outskirts of Barcelona, was the venue of Amma’s program in Spain held from November 13 to 15. Amma was accorded a grand welcome by hundreds of her Spanish children as she reached the venue, with the chanting […]

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Love and patience are like two sides of the same coin

(14 Nov '13)

November 9–11, Milano, Italy – 2013 Europe Yatra Milan, one of the largest urban areas in Europe, celebrated its turn to host Amma’s programs this year. The crowds in the previous program of Toulon were certainly large, but in Milan the crowds never stopped. Every time Amma descended the staircase into the hall, there was […]

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In order to grow we must become a child

(8 Nov '13)

Nov 04-06 – Toulon, France – Europe Yatra 2013 The coastal city of Toulon, France, was the ninth stop of the 6 week long 2013 Europe Tour. When Amma arrived at the Zenith Omega Hall after a ten-hour drive from Mannheim, Germany, it seemed as if the program had already begun, as hundreds of hard […]

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Devotion and selfless service are two faces of the same coin

(1 Nov '13)

Amma in Holland Oct 28-30, Houten, Holland – Europe Yatra 2013 The Expo Houten, in the Netherlands, became the seventh stop of Amma’s 26th European Tour. As Amma arrived at the hall on the evening before the program was to begin, rows and rows of Dutch devotees waited at the entrance to welcome her. After […]

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Amma reaches our hearts, embraces Berlin

(27 Oct '13)

Oct 25-26 – Berlin, Germany – Europe Yatra 2013 After a drive of over 1100 km from London, Amma arrived in Berlin in the wee hours of Friday, October 25th, the same day that her program there was to begin. Nevertheless, Amma was right on time for her first program at the Velodrom, which at […]

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Amma integrates her spiritual message and her love with real action

(24 Oct '13)

21-23 Oct, London – Europe Yatra 2013 Amma was accorded a grand traditional welcome on Her arrival in the famous Alexandra Palace. People from all over the United Kingdom had gathered to welcome Amma for the twenty-sixth time.   Lord Andrew Stone, Baron Stone of Blackheath, and member of the House of Lords, welcomed Amma […]

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