Amma in London: Tie our minds to God with the lifeline of devotion

15 – 17 November, London, UK – Europe Yatra 2011

Before traveling to London to conclude her 25th European Tour, Amma visited her center near Antwerp, Belgium. She spent the day there with local devotees and served a prasad lunch. From there Amma continued on to the United Kingdom and conducted a 3 day program in London, where thousands queued for long hours to receive an embrace at the historic Alexandra Palace.
Meditations, Bhajans and Satsangs were held, along with a Puja conducted for world peace.

There was an extensive media presence during the programs. Amma’s visit was covered by almost all major media outlets including the BBC, The Telegraph, and The Sun.

During her satsang there Amma said: “Worldly life is like climbing a big mountain. When a mountaineer climbs a mountain, he/she will tie a lifeline to their waist, which is attached to the mountain. In case they slip while climbing the mountain, they won’t fall, because of the lifeline tied to them. In a similar way, if we tie to our minds the “lifeline” of devotion to God or remembrance of God, then no matter how many difficulties or adversities we may face in life, we will never suffer.”

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Amma in Mannheim

Mannheim, Germany

10 -12 November, Mannheim, Germany – Europe Yatra 2011
After Barcelona Amma travelled to Mannheim, Germany for the next stop of the Europe tour. Being the last weekend stop of the tour, devotees flooded in from all corners of the continent for one last chance to see Amma before the end of the tour.

On the first evening Amma was greeted by several local dignitaries. Renowned artist Gabriele von Lutzau, who collaborated with AYUDH during the 2011 summer retreat officially welcomed Amma to Mannheim. She is the artist who helped create the dove statue which was placed in the renovated park area at Heilig-Kreuz. It stands as a symbol of the eight Youth Development Goals.{news} The central pole of the monument carries a dove – universal symbol for peace and hope. Ms von Lutzau presented Amma with the final sculpture that will be installed in the park.

Amma was also welcomed by Mr. Dieter Heusel, Youth Coordinator for the city of Michelstadt. He presented Amma with a painting of the Michelstadt town hall, one of the oldest in Germany. Also on the dais was Mr Harish Chander, Cousul of the Indian Embassy, Frankfurt.

Amma in Barcelona

5 -7  November, Barcelona, Spain – Europe Yatra 2011

Amma began her visit to Spain by spending a day in the Barcelona Ashram and inviting all of the devotees there for lunch.

Before serving the meal Amma delighted all the devotees present when she lead the beginning of the guided meditation in Spanish.

The following three days, large crowds filled the Palau d’Esport hall in Granollers, Barcelona.


The Mayor of the city of Granollers, Mr. Josep Mayoral i Antigas, came to officially welcome Amma to the city. Amma was also greeted by Mr. Salvador Jorba, a delegate from the Cataluña State government. After meeting Amma, Mr Jorba shard his thoughts, “The most important thing i felt is love. I think that if love is possible to transmit in a physical form, Amma achieves this. She achieves to transmit this sensation of internal love. After darshan I felt peace, serenity, tranquility and spirituality. It’s a real gift to receive such spirituality.”

Amma in Toulon

31 Oct- 2 November, Toulon, France – Europe Yatra 2001

Amma’s annual visit to the south of France once again brought her to the Zenith Omega hall in Toulon.

Huge crowds filled the venue for the three days for programs there.

Her visit was given extensive media coverage, including the newspaper “Var-matin” with a front-page article titled “Amma: l’amour, toujours!” which translates to “Amma: Love, Forever!”

Sister Marie Samuel, head of a Catholic nun monastery, who came for Amma’s darshan for share her views on Amma and she said: “A saint, an Indian saint, a high saint, truly. She is close to God but also close to her human brothers in pain and sorrow. She is authentic. Yesterday, I saw the film (Embracing the world) in the hall, I had tears in my eyes, she didn’t hesitate to go to Japan, near the sea, despite the contamination. She is working in all fields and this is unique in the World. Mother Teresa gave so much in India, but I think that Amma is doing even more.”

Some others spoke of how Amma and her teachings had inspired them during times of crisis. One gentleman said:”In June 2010, a devastating flood hit the town of Draguignan in France. We gathered a group of volunteers to go and help the people who were in need. We can see that because of Amma, because of the link that she has created, we can still harbor a feeling of solidarity, offer our help and time to others. Which unfortunately is becoming a value that is disappearing in today’s society.”

Amma’s message of love and hope continue to inspire the people around the world in profound ways.

Amma in Munich

27 – 29 October, Munich, Germany – Europe Yatra 2011

Amma was welcomed to Munich in a traditional Bavarian fashion, as devotees lined up in lederhosen and dirndl outfits and played folk music as she walked under throngs of roses.

During the programs large crowds filled the Zenith Halle to capacity on each of the three days. Among those in attendance included Maria Furtwangler-Burda, the well known German actress.

Amma in Paris

23-25 Oct, Paris, France — Europe Yatra 2011

Amma began her annual visit to France by spending a day in her ashram in Pontgouin.


The next day Amma began three days of public programs in Cergy-Pontoise, just outside, Paris.

Massive crowds were on hand each day to attend the programs. People wholeheartedly participated in the Atmapuja, Bhajans and Satsang. Amongst those in attendance included the famous actresses Aniece Soral and Gabrielle Lazure.  The actresses were on hand for the release of the book – Mere de Toutes les Sagesses (Mother of Wisdom), by Film Maker, photographer and author Djana Schmidt, which illustrates Amma’s daily life in photographs and quotes.

Amma in Holland

18-20 Oct, Houten, Holland — Europe Yatra 2011

Amma returned to central Europe after her short trip to the Scandinavian country of Finland for the next stop Amsterdam, Holland.

A large crowd gathered to welcome Amma to the city, as she greeted everyone with high fives.


The three day program included Bhajans Meditation, Satsang and an Atma puja which saw countless curious youngsters crowd the stage to watch Amma perform the ceremony.

Renowned computer scientist, Andrew Tannenbaum, the father of operating systems, came to meet Amma, and shared how he was amazed at Amma’s ability to be able to take care of so many projects and at the same time spend, despite the fact that she spends all day meeting people for darshan.

World champion kick boxer Lucia Rijker, better known for her role as the fierce boxing opponent of Hillary Swank in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Million Dollar Baby’ also came to receive Amma’s blessings.

The hug of love and strength

15 – 16 Oct, Helsinki, Finland — Europe Yatra 2011
After the Swiss Program, Amma flew directly to the capital city of Finland, Helsinki to conduct 2 days of programs there.

She was received by the famous actor and member of Finnish Parliament, Mr Jani Toivola. Later during darshan, The Chairman of Vantaa City Government and the member of Finnish Parliament Mr Tapani Makinen also was on hand to welcome Amma.

the Chairman of Vantaa City Council and the member of Finnish Parliament Mr Antti Lindtman was also present to receive her Darshan.


Mr Tapani Makinen officially welcomed her to Finland saying “With Her embrace of Love, Amma has changed millions of people. Through Her own example and selfless work, Amma has inspired millions of people for selfless service. Amma’s charitable projects are unique and extraordinary. If compassion awakes within us, it reflects also in others. The projects are remarkable. Thousands of Finnish people have come together to receive the hug of love and strength. We welcome Amma from the bottom of our hearts.”

A host of celebrities turned up to receive Amma’s blessings, including the well known Finnish Rapper, Paleface who performed for Amma as she was giving darshan.
Also, a well-known Scandinavian band came to pay tribute and show their love and respect.

Amma in Switzerland

11 – 13 Oct 2011, Eulach Halle, Winterthur, Switzerland

There was a joyous sendoff for Amma as she left the Italian Milano program with throngs of cheerful and jubilant people.

The hills and valleys of Switzerland provided a scenic and powerful backdrop as the tour headed for Zurich.

Traditional horn melodies set the mood as the crowds greeted Amma on the second leg of the European tour.

Dr. Cornelia Vogelsanger, who welcomed Amma to Switzerland for the first time back in 1987, once again garlanded her with sincere love and appreciation. Members from the Asian Art and Rietberg Museums were also on hand to welcome Amma. The day marked 25 consecutive years that Amma has visited the Switzerland for the European tour.

Dr. Cornelia Vogelsanger said, “Amma speaks the simple but very deep language of the heart, with words, gestures and actions.”
There was Meditation, Bhajans, Darshan and Satsang at the 3-day program while Amma conducted the Atma Puja in which thousands participated.

Amma is a doorway to heaven

7 – 9 Oct, Milano, Italy — 2011 Europe Yatra

Amma began Her 2011 European Yatra in Milano, Italy.

She was traditionally welcomed in Italian fasion, by heart warming cheers and applause from a huge crowd, on each day of the program, who had queued for hours  to receive Her blessings. Mr S.K Verma of the Consulate General of India and Mr Claudio Zucchi an authority from the Milano Sesto District Mayors office were present to officially mark Amma’s 25th consecutive visit to Italy.

On the occasion Mr S.K Verma addressed the gathering saying that  “She represent the almighty, she represent the world.”

Along with three days of programs of Meditation, Bhajans, Darshan and Satsang, Amma also conducted the Atma Puja in which thousands participated.

Two of the most popular television channels from Italy RAI 2 AND RAI 3 showed up to film a short documentary film on Amma, highlighting the topic of Womanhood and women’s role in today’s society.  Their aim was to demonstrate that Amma is the right kind of role model for the women of the world today.

A well known Priest of the Saint Francis Order, Father Antonio returned for darshan 3 days in a row after being completely overwhelmed by Amma’s love and compassion saying that she is like a doorway to heaven.
– Kannadi