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Stone laid for houses in Kalmunai

(17 Oct '05)

17 October 2005, Kalmunai, Sri Lanka Today morning, the foundation stone was laid for the construction of 60 houses in Periyanilavanai in the Kalmunai division of Ampara District, Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. As per the Govt. of Sri Lanka’s guidelines, the Math is building 3 story homes, each with a total of 530 square […]

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88 houses in Cuddalore handed over to recipients

(4 Sep '05)

4 September 2005 — Pudukuppam, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu Today Swami Ramakrishnananda handed over the keys to 88 new homes to the government official, who, in turn, presented the keys to the happy recipients of new homes built by the Ashram in the village of Pudukuppam. These homes are the first to be completed by […]

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First 25 Tsunami homes finished in Kanyakumari

(28 Aug '05)

28 August 2005 — Parapattru, Kalkulam Taluk, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu The Ashram has finished the construction of 25 homes for tsunami-affected families in Kanyakumari, the second-most devastated area in India. The houses will be inaugurated and the residents will move in around 9 September. The homes are in Parapattru, a village near Mandakkadu, in […]

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All 150 houses in Alappuzha completed

(26 Aug '05)

26 August 2005 — Alappuzha District, Kerala The Ashram has finished the construction of all the houses it is building for tsunami victims in the Alappuzha District of Kerala. Next week, the Ashram will hand over the completed houses to the government, and they, in turn, will distribute them to the recipients. The Ashram has […]

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Brick by brick- rebuilding houses for tsunami victims

(19 Aug '05)

19 August 2005 — Vellannathuruthu, Alappad Panchayat, Kollam District, Kerala As the morning sun finds its way through the canopy of coconut trees that shade Vellannathuruthu, a group of Amma’s devotees and disciples plods back and forth along one of the seaside village’s dirt pathways carrying loads of bricks—mostly upon their heads. It’s hard work. […]

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88 Houses completed in Cuddalore

(16 Aug '05)

16 August 2005 — Pudukuppam, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu On 25 August 2005, the Ashram will hand over the 88 houses it is building in Pudukuppam, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu. The houses will be the first tsunami-reconstruction houses to be finished in Tamil Nadu State. This will make the Ashram the first organisation to finish […]

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Construction of houses at Samanthampettai, Nagapattinam

(13 Jul '05)

13 July 2005 — Samanthampettai, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu Construction of houses for the tsunami victims is progressing at a brisk pace in Samanthampettai, Nagapattinam District. The government of Tamil Nadu initially allotted seven acres of land for the Ashram to build houses upon. Here the Ashram is building a self-sufficient colony consisting of , […]

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