Build only 50 houses, says the Govt.

2 Feb 2005, Amritapuri

The State Government of Kerala is initially allowing the Ashram to rebuild only 50 houses in Alappad Panchayat. This is in response to the Ashram’s request to rebuild all of the more than 1,000 houses destroyed in the panchayat. The houses must be built to the government’s model, which is stated to be “disaster-resistant” and of a total of 430 square feet. The Ashram proposed to build two-story houses—so that people would not drown should high water come again—but the government’s plan is for single-floor houses.

Employment for youth
Amma today spoke with the 500 applicants for the driver’s training course being offered at the Ashram’s ITC school today. She then answered many of their questions and gave them darshan.

Medical camps
Since 27th Dec, doctors from Amrita Schools of Dentistry posted at the tsunami relief centres are conducting free dental camps. It was found that the prevalence of oral diseases is high among the affected people, mainly because of negligence of the oral hygiene.