Diwali blast in Paris with Amma

October 19-21 – Cergy-Pontoise, France – Europe Yatra 2014

Hall Saint-Martin in Cergy-Pontoise was overflowing with people as Amma walked into the hall on the morning of the 19th October for her 2014 Paris programs. On the first day, darshan went from 11 a.m. on the 19th till 2:30 a.m. on the 20th. Amma’s boundless love and patience are something that is always a wonder. In Paris, the patience of the people waiting for their turn to see Amma was also remarkable, as many waited till the wee hours of the morning for darshan.



On the second day evening, there was a special function organized to launch Maisons Seniors, Embracing the World’s first elder-care home in Europe. Martine Reicherts, European Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, was the chief guest for the evening. Launching the project, Ms. Reicherts reflected on Amma’s significance as a role model in today’s world. “For me, Amma is a saint; Amma is pure love,” she said. “But she is not only in the religious world; she is in the world as we know it. She is an example for us all, especially for us ladies.”

Actress Helene De Fougerolles also participated in the event and released the French translation of the book The Colour of the Rainbow authored by Swami Amritaswarupananda.

During Amma’s darshan, there were amazing musical performances by eminent artists from all over France, ranging from India Carnatic music to jazz. As Amma concluded darshan at 11:00 a.m. on the 22nd, the hall was still packed to capacity. Amma then led everyone in a Diwali peace prayer, chanting Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu, praying for the light of peace and happiness to dawn in the hearts of everyone in the universe.

When Amma was about to leave the stage to get in her camper to drive to her next programs in Holland, the devotees all wished her Happy Diwali, flashing their mobiles to create little “candles” of light. It was such a beautiful sight to see.

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– Kannadi

Amma is with me on the ice

15-17 Oct, Winterthur, Switzerland – Europe Yatra 2014

The next stop on the tour was Eulachhalle in Winterthur from October 15 to 17, 2014, where Amma was accorded a grand welcome on her arrival. She served food to all the devotees present that evening, also enlightening them with her spiritual wisdom. She reminded the devotees, “Never waste away the time in hand. Don’t think that it is easy to contemplate on the Divine in the final moments of one life. Only if we have invested time and energy in such thoughts from a young age, will they come to our mind towards the end of one’s life.”


On the second day evening, the introductory talk was given by Olympic Bronze Medalist Anja Stiefel (Swiss Women’s Ice Hockey Team, Sochi 2014). In her talk, referring to Amma as her role model and inspiration, Anja said, “Amma is everywhere where love and happiness is. When I can feel the love on the ice, I move in ways that are totally extraordinary and I can’t even explain. And then I know, Amma is with me on the ice.” She also related how Amma has given her strength to carry on with her efforts despite all the challenges that she has faced. At the end of the talk, she handed Amma the medal that she received, which Amma lovingly kissed and put it around Anja’s neck.



On the third day, the overflow hall was also packed as people from all parts of the country thronged to take part in the prayer for world peace led by Amma. The headlines of the French newspaper in Switzerland ‘Le Matin’ carried the news of Amma’s programme.
In her talk, Amma said, “What the world needs today are warriors who have awakened the power of love, becoming brave and fearless. This doesn’t mean that one must wage a war and defeat someone, capturing their wealth and kingdom. On the contrary, the quality of leadership should bring about transformation, because that is what this world is thirsting for.”

As Amma walked to get into the camper to travel to Paris for the next programme, one could see the eyes of the devotees moist with tears of love and gratitude as the air filled with the call of devotees, “Danke Amma (thank you Amma).”

– Kannadi

The flow of Love continues unabated…

11-13 Oct, Munich, Germany – Europe Yatra 2014

The Zenith Omega Hall was packed to capacity as Amma entered the hall for the programme in Munich on October 11, 2014. The amazing Bavarian choir group, dressed in the traditional attire, welcomed Amma as she walked to the stage to meet the thousands assembled there. The three day programme had people coming from the neighbouring countries of Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and the Czech Republic.


In the start of one of her talks, Amma said, “From all different parts of the world, rivers, lakes and streams meander their way through various forests, mountains, valleys and plains, ultimately merging into the ocean. Similarly, Amma prays to the Paramatman that all her children – who have assembled here today from diverse corners of the continent – reach the endlessly vast ocean of God-Consciousness.”

If there is a word missing in Amma’s dictionary, it is the word ‘rest’. On the first day, though Amma had arrived in Munich after a 16-hour drive, there was not even a sign of fatigue on her face as the darshan kept going into the early hours of the next day. The programme on the remaining days also followed the same tempo.

To enter and leave the Zenith Halle, Amma walked along a long balcony above the crowd of devotees that filled the hall each day. It was always a beautiful and celebratory scene to see Amma slowly walk along the balcony looking down to all the applauding crowd, each one eagerly waiting to drink in every glance of Amma.

– Kannadi

By the blessings of Amma we can get rid of violence and terrorism: Rajnath Singh

27 Sep 2014, Amritapuri
Amritavarsham – Amma’s 61st Birthday celebrations

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh applauded the spiritual guidance and humanitarian initiatives of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi as her charitable trust announced a Rs 25 crore relief and rehabilitation package for victims of the devastating floods in Jammu and Kashmir.


The Minister who arrived here on Saturday to take part in Amma’s 61st birthday celebrations also formally handed over the keys of the houses that the Mata Amritanandamyi Math has constructed in Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, for 250 families that lost their homes in the flash floods in June 2013.

Speaking on the occassion he said: “I feel very blessed today to have received an opportunity to meet Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. To be honest, I am here today only for receiving Darshan from Amma and not to give a speech.

“Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is a definitely a spiritual power within whom manifests the Ocean of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. I personally believe that the solution to all problems of this country, the earth and the entire universe is only possible through Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. These qualities will never arise in a person who is narrow minded and closed in heart but will definitely arise in a person who is broad minded and who has a very open heart. Only such a person will achieve happiness, joy, bliss and even immortality.


“Our Mother — Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, is so broad minded and so full of love that she not only has concerns for the entire humanity but also for all of the living beings such as animals, birds and even insects in this world. If at all there is a Mother of the universe, then it definitely is none other than Mata Amritanadamayi Deviji.

“Do you know why I call her the Divine Mother? It’s because when she was just 6 months of age, she began to walk and talk. When she was 3 years old, she began writing and composing Bhagavan Sri Krishna’s songs and poems and by the time she was 5 years old she even started singing them. This is only because of the fact that she is not just a human being but a divine being.

“Our Mother, ‘Amma’ had imbibed or absorbed the complete essence of Vedanta at a very tender age. The ‘Moola Mantra‘ or the prime essence of Vedanta is, ‘yat pinde tat brahmande‘. Which means “Everything in our body exists in the universe, everything in the small exists in the big, and everything in me is in you”. Amma lives this philosophy.


“My prime concern as the Home Minister of India, is about the terrorism, extremism, insurgency problems and the violence that our country is facing. I honestly believe that we can get rid of and get relieved of this violence and terrorism through the grace and blessings of our divine mother Mata Amritanandamayi Devi.

“Sisters and brothers, please believe that not only India which has Amma as the supreme divine power, but also the entire universe will experience supreme happiness, joy and prosperity. I also believe that Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Selfless Service is the only cure for any type of hurt, wound or disease that exists in this world. This is the message that Amma imparts to India and the entire world. I strongly believe that through Amma’s blessings, India will not only become a super economic power but will also become a Super Spiritual Power. And that is when India will become the Spiritual Guru of the entire World and will also proudly say ‘The entire world is our family'”, said the minister amidst the thunderous applauds of the devotees.

Before concluding his words, Rajnath Singhji offered his prayers to Amma in Malayalam which brought smiles to every one, the huge gathering of devotees at the cultural meet (Jayanthi Samelanam) organised on the occasion of the ‘Amritavarsham 61’ celebrations.

Artistic and Sports training support for 49 children of Granollers

08 Oct, Granollers, Barcelona – Europe Yatra 2014

Last year during Amma’s visit to Granollers, Amma offered to sponsor children from underprivileged families through Embracing the World.

Granollers Mayor Josep Mayoral accepted the donation from Amma on behalf of “Friends of Children Granollers”, who used it to make sure 49 children received equal opportunities in basic, artistic and sports training.




This year the Mayor, accompanied by the Councillor for Social Services, María del Mar Sánchez and the official in charge of this project, Jordi Ponce, attended the donation ceremony which was held at the start of darshan in the afternoon of October 8 in Granollers, Barcelona to an audience of several thousand.

The donation will provide another year of aid for 50 local children who are unable to afford school transportation and cafeteria, medical care, or arts and sports activities. Mr. Mayoral expressed his gratitude to Embracing the World’s effort to help underprivileged children in his hometown.

– Tulasi

Microbial Fuel Cell generating electricity from wastewater

27 Sep 2014, Amritapuri
Amritavarsham – Amma’s 61st Birthday Celebrations

The Amrita Center of Biotechnology introduced a Microbial Fuel Cell, which utilizes energy from bacterial growth in wastewater to generate electricity while simultaneously bringing about purification of the wastewater–an important step in addressing the sanitation and energy problems that are very relevant in our country.


VS Sivakumar, Kerala Minister of Health unveiled the cell during Amma’s 61st Birthday celebrations.

Big Data Framework and Inter Operable Platform devices launched

27 Sep 2014, Amritapuri
Amritavarsham – Amma’s 61st Birthday Celebrations

Amrita Big Data Framework (ABDF) is an all-integrated framework for effortless Big Data analytics that can help one analyze large sets of data and eek out intelligence for improved decision-making allowing optimization and enhanced efficiency. ABDF has applications to diverse fields from medicine, engineering, social media and much more making it an extremely powerful tool.


Amrita Internet of Things Platform (AIoTm) provides a scalable inter operable platform for devices to connect and communicate amongst themselves without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

CN Balakrishnan, Kerala Minister of Co-Operation unveiled both the above devices during Amritavarsham 61 celebrations.

GetVu’s augmented reality glasses

27 Sep 2014, Amritapuri
Amritavarsham – Amma’s 61st Birthday Celebrations

Imagine a fully interactive augmented reality–an extra layer on top of our world that we can see, grab and control. With GetVu’s platform, instead of using voice controls to indirectly interact with a virtual object, you could reach out and move it around with your hands. You could change the colors of a proposed building project on your city’s skyline or play foosball on your kitchen table or even explore architectural ruins. With augmented reality taken beyond the limits of the smartphone or tablet, you could look around, see the world for what it could be, and change it with a wave of your hand.


Sri. Shekhar Kapur, award-winning filmmaker unveiled the glasses during the Amritavarsham celebrations

Amrita Jeevanam, a low-cost medical device for rural villagers

27 Sep 2014, Amritapuri
Amritavarsham – Amma’s 61st Birthday Celebrations

Amrita Jeevanam is a low-cost medical device that combines a medical device, an interface device, and mobile device all configured with Amrita’s health-awareness and monitoring program. Villages in rural India often do not have easy access to timely healthcare, village patients will greatly benefit by getting customized feedback and guidance for lifestyle changes and better manage and monitor their health. Amrita Jeevanam, developed by Amrita University’s CREATE labs, will be offered free of charge at 140 villages adopted by MAM.


Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, Kerala Minister of Forest, Transport & Environment unveiled the medical device.

Amrita Nidhi pension for widows and handicapped extended by 30,000 more

27 Sep 2014, Amritapuri
Amritavarsham – Amma’s 61st Birthday Celebrations


The Mata Amritanandamayi Math would like to extend the reach of its Amrita Nidhi pension program, from 69,000 to 99,000–30,000 more pensions.  On this occassion of Amma’s 61st Birthday, certificates of enrollment and first pension checks to 100 of the new beneficiaries were distributed.