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Sw Purnamritananda’s visit to Japan – 2002

(29 Sep '02)

In September of 2001 Swami Purnamritananda Puri, one of Amma’s senior-most disciples, spent two weeks in Japan conducting programmes for Amma’s devotees throughout the country. He was accompanied by Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya, who served as translator and organiser of the tour. Swamiji’s programmes were well-attended even in mountain areas outside Tokyo. Amma’s many devotees throughout […]

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Amrita Keerti Puraskar to Parameswaran

(28 Sep '02)

27 Sep 2002, Amritapuri This year’s Amritakeerti Puraskar went to P. Parameswaran. Union Law Minister Jana Krishnamoorthy presented the award. Sri Parameshwaran is an acclaimed and eminent scholar, thinker, and philosopher. He was born in Alapuzha, Kerala, in the year 1927. Shri Parameshwarji had his higher studies at University College, Trivandrum which he passed out […]

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Amma’s Birthday Celebrations – 2002

(28 Sep '02)

25 Sept, 2002 On Amma’s birthday proper, Amma descended from Her room at 8:45 a.m., pausing for a moment to allow Her largest darling son, the elephant Ram, to place a garland around Her neck. All those who had packed into the darshan hall rose to their feet to try and catch a glimpse of […]

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Amritakuteeram free housing scheme expanded

(27 Sep '02)

27 Sep 2002, Amritapuri As an expression of Her infinite compassion, Amma has been providing homes to the homeless and the destitute in Kerala since 1987. Moved by the plight of the homeless all over the country, Amma, later, launched the unique, and massive Amritakuteeram Project in 1996 for building 25000 houses for the homeless. […]

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Utsav is the state when mind overflows with love

(27 Sep '02)

Birthday Celebrations 2002, Amritapuri   “Utsavam (festivity) is the state in which the mind overflows with Divine Love, when the Love that is within us finds expression in external activities. My children should pray for the peace and welfare of one and all, rather than indulging in outward exhibition. Mutual love is practically the only […]

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We were never born, nor will we ever die

(26 Sep '02)

26 Sep 2002, Eve of Amma’s 49th Birthday The day before Amma’s 49th birthday celebrations began, Amma talked some with the ashramites. With all the birthday excitement in the air, it seemed She wanted to remind all assembled that, in truth, we were never born, nor will we ever die.  “The day that the thought […]

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Their eyes will continue to live

(25 Sep '02)

25th Sep 2002, Amritapuri Inspired by Amma’s message of service and sacrifice, 75 students of Amrita Institute of Computer Technology, Cochin, have come forward with the Netra Daan Pledge, vowing to donate their eyes, upon their death, to the visually challenged. There are millions of visually challenged persons around. Fortunately, many of them can receive […]

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