Their eyes will continue to live

25th Sep 2002, Amritapuri

Inspired by Amma’s message of service and sacrifice, 75 students of Amrita Institute of Computer Technology, Cochin, have come forward with the Netra Daan Pledge, vowing to donate their eyes, upon their death, to the visually challenged.

There are millions of visually challenged persons around. Fortunately, many of them can receive the gift of sight through small procedures. Some desperately need eye or cornea transplants.

These AICT students have immortalised themselves — even after they leave their physical bodies, their eyes will continue to live, giving the gift of sight to visually challenged people and opening up worlds of previously unknown joy. Offering this pledge before Amma, they have set a glowing example of selflessness to the world.

The  Netradan pledge

“Inspired by Amma, we, the students of AICT, do hereby, on our own initiative and free will, pledge our eyes after our death so that our eyes could be medically transplanted and or grafted to any visually challenged person to enable him or her to get the gift of sight, with the help of an authorised medical professional.”