Utsav is the state when mind overflows with love

Birthday Celebrations 2002, Amritapuri


“Utsavam (festivity) is the state in which the mind overflows with Divine Love, when the Love that is within us finds expression in external activities. My children should pray for the peace and welfare of one and all, rather than indulging in outward exhibition. Mutual love is practically the only remaining treasure that we now possess.


“Shraddha (awareness, alertness, carefulness — in thoughts and deeds; plus an awareness of the goal) in each word we utter, in our thoughts and in our actions is spirituality. If we continuously maintain this awareness within ourselves, we will be able to gain peace and happiness in our lives. If we don’t do what is called for at the required time, then all our actions will go to waste.


“Even a single thought has infinite inherent power. Each thought is like an atom in the atomic bomb. One bad thought is enough to trigger a thousand bad thoughts within a short time. Thoughts then become words and actions and sow destruction. Snow falls on the mountain tops in the form of tiny snowflakes. These grow into mountains of snow and form big rivers. In the same manner, when bad thoughts first come we are often not aware of them. In a short span of time, they transform into an irrepressible force. We lose our discrimination and leap headlong into bad actions. These thoughts even transform our character.” –Amma

– Excerpts from Amma’s benedictory address on the occasion of her 49th birthday, 27 September 2002