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  • Amma’s America Yatra 2016 Nov

    Amma’s America Yatra 2016 Nov

    East Coast Programs Detroit, MI November 20th: Public Programs (Morning 10am and evening 730pm) November 21st – 23rd: East Coast Retreat West Coast Programs San Francisco Bay Area November 25th and 26th: Public Programs (November 25th – all day program starting at 11am, November 26th two programs starting at 10am and 730pm) November 27th –…

  • Students will feel and learn about living ‘rich in heart’ under Amma’s guidance

    Students will feel and learn about living ‘rich in heart’ under Amma’s guidance

    18-20 July,  Tokyo, Japan – America – Canada – Japan Yatra 2016 After her extensive tour of North America and Canada, Amma reached Tokyo the capital of Japan. Amma’s programs were held for 3 days in Tokyo at Belle Salee Shibuya Garden Hall. Student Volunteers from the Japanese student organization IVUSA have been actively participating…

  • Amma in Toronto

    Amma in Toronto

    July 11-14, Toronto, Canada – America Yatra 2016 Amma has been touring length and breadth of America for the past 6 weeks. After finishing her programs in North America, Amma and the tour group reached Toronto in Canada, the capital of Ontario state. Sri Dinesh Bhatia, Consul General of India garlanded Amma and welcomed Amma…

  • The Guru-disciple relationship is an everlasting connection

    The Guru-disciple relationship is an everlasting connection

    From Amma’s Gurupurnima message If we try to count from the beginning of the Guru-disciple tradition, tens of thousands of Gurupurnimas’ must have been celebrated by disciples. Celebrations are mere road signs, pointing us in the right direction. To understand the meaning of these celebrations, we need to go beyond the external pujas and traditional…

  • Amma in Washington DC

    Amma in Washington DC

    8-9 July, Washington, D.C, America Yatra 2016 Amma held two days of programs at the Marriott Gateway in Chrystal City, Arlington, VA. During the programs, local devotees sang bhajans, and put on a wonderful dance depicting stories from Amma’s life.

  • Amma in Boston

    Amma in Boston

    5-6 July, Boston, MA, America Yatra 2016 Amma held two days of programs of Satsang, Bhajan and Darshan at the Best Western Royal Plaza and Hotel in Marlboro, MA. During the program, local devotees sang bhajans and danced.     [Show thumbnails]  

  • Amma in Chicago Ashram

    Amma in Chicago Ashram

    27-29 June, Chicago, IL, America Yatra 2016 A freshly painted hall welcomed Amma to her Chicago Ashram as she returned for the 5th consecutive year. She led all in Meditation, Bhajans gave talks and Darshan on these two days. During the first day of programs, area Satsangs put on a number of cultural programs. Bala…

  • Amma in Texas

    Amma in Texas

    24-25 Jun, Ft. Worth, Texas – America Yatra 2016 This year’s programs in Texas were held at the Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Ft. Worth, TX, about 45 minutes west of Dallas. On the first morning, four local civil representatives were on hand to garland Amma. Welcoming Amma to Ft. Worth, Mr. Jameson addressed Amma and…

  • Amma in Santa Fe

    Amma in Santa Fe

    18-22 Jun Santa Fe, New Mexico – America Yatra 2016 Amma held two days of public programs followed by a three-day retreat and Devi Bhava at the Buffalo Thunder Resort just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. During the retreat, there were meditation classes, talks with the Swamis, IAM classes, and a question and answer…

  • Partnership programs in LA

    Partnership programs in LA

    14-16 June, Los Angeles, America Yatra 2016 Amma returned to the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel for three days of programs on June 14th-16th. During the first evening program, a representative of MA Center-LA announced that the Center has recently launched two Embracing the World programs in partnership with three local non-profit organizations. Through partnerships…