Messages of Amma

Make a spring season blossom all around us

Develop the qualities of patience, mental strength and optimistic faith to help us face adverse situations. If we develop these qualities, we will automatically be able to bring changes in our external circumstances.

Amma Stories Teachings

Light the lamp of hope

Without succumbing to despair, we should light up our hearts with the lamp of hope.


Love makes each day new & fresh

If we love something, we will always find it new and fresh. It is when love is lost that an object also seems to lose its novelty.

Around Amma 2020

Through living a good life, we can rewrite our destiny

31 Dec 2019 – New Year’s Eve, Amritapuri The new decade was ushered in at Amritapuri with a beautiful tableau of dances and musical performances representing the cultural traditions of Amma’s children of all ages from across India and many parts of the world, to the delight of the thousands assembled to celebrate and reflect […]

Messages of Amma

Make our future brighter by lending an ear to Nature’s voice of wisdom

1st January 2019 — Amritapuri Ashram Exerpt from Amma’s New Year’s Message Here we are again at the doorstep of a new year. Just thinking of New Year’s awakens vibrations of hope, happiness and enthusiasm. May the flowers of peace and joy blossom in my children’s hearts! May those flowers’ fragrance spread throughout the world […]

Around Amma 2017

Jewish devotees celebrate Rosh Hashanah with Amma

20 Sep 2017, Amritapuri The Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah- starts in the new moon of this month. This year it falls on the same 10 days of Navaratri. These days have a very important significance in the Jewish tradition. It’s a time that God is watching and deciding what is going to happen […]

Around Amma 2016 New Year

Be Joyful, Alert, Smiling and Compassionate

January 1, 2016 — Amritapuri (An excerpt from Amma’s 2016 New Year’s Message) Another new year is here. When a child is born into a family, it makes everyone happy, but at the same time, it also makes everyone alert. The parents will be careful that the child doesn’t fall down. They will make sure that […]

Around Amma 2016 Ashram Life

New Year celebrations at Amritapuri 2016

1 January, 2016 – Amritapuri Thousands of people filled the main hall in Amritapuri to welcome 2016 in the presence of our Divine Mother. As darshan was finishing, a number of cultural performances entertained the gathered crowd who had come from all parts of India and the world. There were traditional Indian dances followed by […]

America 2015 Around Amma 2015

Amma in New York

12-14 July, New York, NY – America Yatra 2015 Amma held three days of programs at the Jacob Javits Convention Center located on the Hudson River in New York City. This was Amma’s third visit to Javits. The first day saw huge crowds coming for Amma’s embrace. The day-long program started at 11am and went […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2015 Messages of Amma

How can I put an end to suffering? – Amma’s 2015 New Year Message

The advent of the New Year is always a joyous occasion that kindles hope, enthusiasm and optimism in all of our hearts. Amma prays to the Paramatman that in the coming year both the world and each individual within it are filled with peace, harmony and prosperity. This past year bore witness to a lot […]