Light the lamp of hope

Let us move forward and work with greater alacrity (alertness) to protect and restore Nature’s harmony. We can make our future brighter by lending an ear to Nature’s voice of wisdom. Let us work hard and pray deeply to increase the love and solidarity among people and nations. What does it mean to both pray as well as put in the effort? When we pray, the vibrations it creates will reach the intended people and create a positive effect or transformation in their mind. It is a vibration, travelling in the form of waves. However, it also requires the receiver’s to be open as well. When we listen to a song over the computer or the radio, the sound comes to us in the form of waves. Thus, we need both faith and effort.

Once, a car moving up a slope ran into a ditch on the side of the road. The driver climbed up the hill, spread out his asana and began to pray, “O God, please let my car get out of the ditch! Please move my car!” Soon he opened one eye and looked down, but his car was still stuck. “God, what is this?” he asked, looking up and shaking his fists at the heavens. “Why aren’t you listening to my prayers?” Suddenly a voice boomed from heaven, “Son, try pushing the car as you pray.” Both effort and prayer are needed on our side. 

Without succumbing to despair, we should light up our hearts with the lamp of hope. Every New Year is a reminder of the flow of time. Like a shadow, death stands looming right behind each one of us. We could have to vacate this rented house of our body at any moment. Before death finally claims us, we have many duties to complete. On this night, looking back at our past, we should take stock of ourselves. And, with an eye to the future, we should engage in positive actions. This is the time to make such determined resolutions.