Make a spring season blossom all around us

1st Jan 2021, Amritapuri
Excerpts from Amma’s New Year message

Struggling to overcome this formidable challenge, a full year has gone by. Now, a new year is beginning. Indeed, 2020 has been a time wherein humankind has been tested. Although many lives have been lost, we are facing the pandemic without losing hope, with self-confidence, holding a prayer in our heart. As the year 2021 begins, let us move forward with optimism, never forgetting the strong warning given to us by God and Mother Nature.

These days many people live as if lost in a deep, dark forest, waiting with hope to be delivered by the first rays of sunshine. They are waiting for the first rays of the new year to leave behind all the darkness of 2020 and for life to return to normal. Amma prays to the Paramatma that all her children’s prayers and wishes come true. May there be peace, happiness and good health all over the world. Amma prays over and over to the Paramatma that the world is delivered from the cruel grip of the coronavirus, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

We may feel the outside world remains shrouded in darkness. However, such times present the best opportunity to light the lamp within us and dispel that external darkness with our inner light. May everyone continue to try to light that inner flame.

It is essential that we develop the qualities of patience, mental strength and optimistic faith to help us face adverse situations. If we develop these qualities, we will automatically be able to bring changes in our external circumstances.

It is not enough to have enthusiasm and zeal just on New Year’s Day. We have to make sure it stays with us every single day of the new year. When we do this, it makes not only our own lives beautiful, it also spreads enthusiasm to those around us. In this way, we can make a spring season blossom all around us. May Amma’s children become messengers of love and peace on earth! May peace and happiness fill my children’s lives! May grace bless Amma’s children!