God as our Mother, Devi

When a child senses danger, it will cry out to its mother. The mother will then come running to its rescue.

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Earth, The Mother of all Mothers

make a resolve within the heart to make all possible efforts with self-confidence

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Roar Like Lions

This is an excerpt from the inaugural address by Amma, at the 11th edition of the Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair based on the theme, ‘Foster Women’s Honour’. Speaking on the occasion, Amma stressed gender equality. Womanhood is the underlying principle and essence of being a woman For Amma, men and women are equal: both […]


Woman of Worth

Men may have more muscle power than women, but women have one muscle that make them more powerful than men. It is the muscle of the heart.

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Invoke the Motherhood within, let Love overflow through our look, word and deed

8 Oct 2019, Navatrati Celebrations – Amritapuri Ashram Since Pujavaippu, for the last 3 days, Amma has been leading all in special prayers and chants in the evenings infront of the new altar decorated the pics of different forms of Devi. On Vijayadasami day, Amma initiated Vidyarambham – initiating into the alphabets. Amma said the […]

Around Amma 2017 India 2017

A celebration of Motherhood: Amma’s Visit to Mysore

4-5 March, Mysore, Karnataka – Bharata Yatra 2017 The drive from Mananthavady was a scenic one. The tour group took narrow two lane roads down through the forest towards Mysore. The dry heat of spring had caused most of the trees to shed their leaves, but there were patches of green foliage that resisted the […]

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The meaning and importance of Navaratri worship

Children, Navaratri is an occasion for worshiping Parashakti, the Almighty Goddess, who is the cause of the universe. Navaratri is a time for vows, austerities and worship. The ways of worshiping vary from place to place. In some places, a different aspect of Devi is worshiped on each day. In other places, She is worshiped […]

Value Education

Vijaya Raksha: A movement for Respecting women on Navaratri

Students of Amrita University are using this year’s Navaratri festival to launch an initiative designed to make respect for women‬ and girls‬ both cool and a matter of personal pride. Named as Vijaya Raksha, started with the blessings of Amma, the campaign aims to bring a social change through a religious festival. It is initiated […]

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When the attitude of ‘I’ cross the limit, problems begins in the world

4 April, New Delhi – Bharata Yatra 2015 Amma inaugurated the 3-day ‘Rashtreeya Seva Sangam’, a national convention of all allied NGOs of Rashtriya Seva Bharathi at New Delhi. The 3-day convention Rashtriya Seva Sangam held at Blue Sapphire and City Park on the outskirts of New Delhi in Alipur. By lighting the lamp, Amma […]