May women gain the respect and position they deserve

15 Oct 2021, Amritapuri
Excerpts from Amma’s Vijaya Dasami (Navaratri) message

All traditional religious festivals, observations and rituals teach the importance of removing the darkness of the human mind, from within and without, and spreading the light of self-awareness. Navaratri and Vijayadasami also remind us of this glorious message.

When the ability to discern between truth and untruth and to act accordingly with proper discrimination and awareness dawns, then darkness disappears. The mind becomes filled with divine light. The awareness, “I am everything” arises within us. Once this knowledge arises, there is only supreme peace.

A mother’s love transcends language. The epitome of this maternal love is the Divine Universal Mother—Jagadamba. The Universal Mother sustains and guides every sentient and insentient aspect of creation in the universe with love and affection. Jagadamba is said to have incarnated several times for the welfare of the world and in order to protect dharma. In order to sustain creation, the Divine Mother infused her maternal energy into every female, protecting the child in the womb and even after. She sustains them all with exceeding love. When a child is in distress, it is usually the mother that runs to its aid. Motherhood is the epitome of patience, sacrifice, tolerance and compassion. This is why when we see similar expressions anywhere, we address them as “Mother.” This is how we have come to address Nature, the Earth, rivers, the Vedas and cows as “Mother.”

The worship of the cosmic power that sustains the entire universe will shower us with every possible blessing. It is that energy that maintains the universe. If we realise this and develop a childlike attitude of surrender and selfless love towards this universal energy, our life will become blessed.

May women, who should be worshipped as Durga Devi, never be attacked and molested in alleys and vehicles. May women, who should live as Lakṣmi Devi, never have to experience poverty. May women, who should be worshipped as Sarasvati Devi, never be denied education. May no woman, who should be worshipped as Kali Devi, be neglected or criticised for her dark complexion. May women gain the respect and position they deserve in society.

May grace bless my children to achieve this. Amma offers her children to the Paramatma to receive this grace.