Earth, The Mother of all Mothers

Our own mother may carry us on her lap for five years or so. But mother Earth will tolerate all our abuse and take care of us our entire lifespan. Scientists claim that in the last 60 years, 40 percent of marine algae (phytoplankton), which is the foundation of marine life and water bodies, has been eradicated.

If the decline of these organisms, which provide life and energy to sea creatures,  continues at this rate, they will go extinct. Due to the increase in carbon dioxide levels, we now see crabs dying.

Impact of climate change is so profound that sometimes it takes just two days for healthy trees along the coast line to dry up, due to unexpected cyclones and climate changes. Our own mother may carry us on her lap for five year or so, but mother Earth will tolerate all our abuses and take care of us for our entire lifespan.

We cannot forget the mother who sustains us for all our life. We can write with a pen costing $ 1000 and also $ 10. The letters will be clear. We can use what is necessary and with the excess, we should avoid luxury.

Nothing is inconsequential in nature. Both the engine and a screw are important in an airplane. The plane will not fly if there is a problem with either. It is from pollination by honeybees that we get fruits and vegetables. The bees would fly out as far as three kilometers to collect pollen and return. Now the use of pesticides affected their memory to do so. People have to plant flowering trees and also install beehives. Thousands of Amma´s children are doing this, but more children should get involved and plant more trees and beehives with focus and sincerity.

Carpooling, nurturing honeybees, planting trees, cleaning the environment, waste management  and growing vegetables were recommended many years ago and Amma´s children are doing that. If we all get together and do it with more focus, we will be able to transform this Earth into a heaven.

For that, we should first make a resolve within the heart to make all possible efforts, and this self-confidence, like a booster rocket, which will propel us towards our progress. Amma prays to the supreme to grace us with the blessings to do so.