Roar Like Lions

This is an excerpt from the inaugural address by Amma, at the 11th edition of the Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair based on the theme, ‘Foster Women’s Honour’.

Speaking on the occasion, Amma stressed gender equality. Womanhood is the underlying principle and essence of being a woman

For Amma, men and women are equal: both have been blessed by God and Nature with unique qualities and talents. For society to grow and flourish, the contributions of both men and women are equally needed at a foundational level.

The fact that we are seeing more women participating in political, social and financial spheres today is a great relief.

“Where women are honoured, divinity showers blessings. Where they are dishonoured, neither action nor sacred rite—no matter how great—will yield benefit,” says a famous verse from the Manu Smriti. The soul of Indian culture is reflected in this verse.

Society has branded woman as helpless, weak and fickle and shackled her with this conditioning. But there is nothing a woman cannot do if she sets her mind to it. All that is needed is to create the right circumstance to awaken her inherent strength.

Today, many men consider women to be just a body—mere flesh

Many of them have the attitude, “After all, meat has no life; it’s just meant to be eaten.” We have completely forgotten womanhood. We have forgotten the greatness of motherhood. This is why many men have made it their pastime to intentionally abuse women.

The strength of a woman is in her motherhood. Motherhood is a transforming power. It is a power that acts by understanding the heart of others. Only a real mother can provide praise and scolding in a balanced manner.

God has graced women with a divine boon—the womb—which makes compassion very natural for them. This inherent compassion that women have is extremely valuable.

Motherhood is full of compassion This compassion is mistaken as her weakness. But it should be balanced with proper understanding.

Woman are not helpless and dependent like little kittens; they have the courage and strength to roar like lions. They are not candles that need to be lit by someone else; they are the self-effulgent sun. Men may have more muscle power than women. But women have one muscle that make them more powerful than men. They must strengthen that muscle. It is the muscle of the heart.

The strength, beauty and fragrance of our future society should be defined by today’s mothers. The mother’s milk not only nourishes the child’s body, it also develops the child’s mind, intellect and heart. In the same way, the life lessons and values imparted by the mother—the role-model—provide strength and courage the child will use in the future. Only when mothers awaken and strive for this will we witness the birth of a new age, filled with love, compassion and prosperity.

-From Amma’s Heart – Series: Episode 2