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  • When we recognize the goodness in another person, that helps to awaken the goodness in ourselves.

    When we recognize the goodness in another person, that helps to awaken the goodness in ourselves.

    self-confidence is like a booster rocket. It helps us break free from the bondage and impurities of the mind and allows us to soar to the heights of spirituality. We have nothing to lose by trusting the infinite power of the Self, except the bondage of our own ignorance.

  • Amma in Michigan

    Amma in Michigan

    Nov. 29-Dec. 2, Detroit, Michigan – USA Yatra 2018 Amma returned to Detroit, Michigan for a full day public program, followed by a retreat and Devi Bhava. The Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel was filled with devotees from all over the US.   On the first public program day, Amma and the crowd were treated to a performance…

  • Thanksgiving in Detroit with Amma

    Thanksgiving in Detroit with Amma

    20-23 Nov, Detroit, Michigan – America Yatra 2016 Amma visited Detroit, USA for four days of programs including a three day retreat and Devi Bhava. The programs were held at the Marriott Hotel in the iconic Renaissance Center complex along the Detroit River bordering the US and Canada. The public programs on the first day…

  • Amma in Michigan

    Amma in Michigan

    20-24 Nov, Detroit, Michigan – America Yatra 2015 Amma held two days of public programs followed by a Retreat and Devi Bhava at the Detroit Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center in Detroit. The first evening program ended at 3:30am with Amma dancing to a traditional Baduga melody. At the end of the second full day…

  • A leader who is also a personal friend to all of us

    Nov 27 – Dec 1, Dearborn, Michigan, USA Yatra 2010 After San Ramon, Amma travelled to Dearborn, Michigan for the final programs of the 2010 of the tour. Congressman Elect and current Michigan State Senator Hansen Clarke welcomed Amma. Senator Clarke said, “Amma is an extraordinary leader…in the political sense, in the global sense, in…

  • Amma in Detroit, Michigan

    4 Dec, Detroit, Michigan, USA Yatra 2008 At the 5-day program in the city of Dearborn (near Detroit) in the State of Michigan, thousands of devotees from all over the US and Canada came to see Amma. Andy Meisner,  Congressman for the State of Michigan came to welcome Amma. He said: “What a great privilege…

  • It is a pleasure to honor Amma

    November 26, 2005, Michigan At the beginning of the evening program, Michigan State Senator Gilda Jacobs honored Amma with a citation that was read aloud: “Let it be known, that it is a pleasure, indeed, to honor Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known worldwide as Amma, for her service and dedication to humanity. Presenting the honor, she…

  • Amma visits Michigan 2004

    Amma visits Michigan 2004

    Photos of Amma her visit in Michigan 2004

  • Early Christmas

    14 – 23 November 2000 Winter visits to San Ramon and Ann Arbor, USA It was an early Christmas for Amma’s American devotees. The most precious gift of all – Amma’s divine presence – arrived in San Francisco for her November visit following the European Tour. The November programmes in the U.S. have the atmosphere…