A leader who is also a personal friend to all of us

Nov 27 – Dec 1, Dearborn, Michigan, USA Yatra 2010
After San Ramon, Amma travelled to Dearborn, Michigan for the final programs of the 2010 of the tour.

Congressman Elect and current Michigan State Senator Hansen Clarke welcomed Amma. Senator Clarke said, “Amma is an extraordinary leader…in the political sense, in the global sense, in terms of worldwide influence. But what makes her so extraordinary, is that she is a leader who is also a personal friend to all of us individually. Let us pray that those of us, who were hired by you to serve, focus on love and peace…because that’s how we can have an extraordinary world to live in. And to me, that is what Amma is all about. ”

Speaking on the occasion Amma said, “All around the world the one thing that troubles each and every person is fear. We are afraid to do something and to not do it as well. Whether asleep, awake or in deep sleep, it exists within us in as a seed and hunts us down. Will the problem continue, will it get worse, will I be able to transcend it… these fears make us anxious… Amma always says, like everything else, happiness is also a decision. Whatever happens, I will be happy… Whatever happens, I will be brave… I am never alone; God is always with me… We should try to develop that self-confidence and move forward…”