Around Amma 2019 Xmas

The world is hungry, start giving gifts

Its message is that our life’s supreme goal is to seek and attain that bright star: God. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we should not forget this truth. It is to remind us of this that spiritual masters incarnate from time to time.

Messages of Amma

The law of Nature and of life is selflessness

27 Sep 2019 – AmritaVarsham 66 , Amritapuri Excerpts from the message of Amma on the occasion of her 66th Birthday Celebrations Children, seeing all of you gathered here today, united in love, Amma feels like she is looking at a garland made from many beautiful flowers of different colours. Although this is a time […]

Around Amma Celebration Photos

Holi celebration with Amma

11 Mar 2009, Amritapuri At the end of darshan, one devotee came to Amma with a tray full of colours to celebrate Holi.The devotee dabbed Amma’s cheek with a little red.  A few others  joined too, smearing Amma’s face with different colours.  Amma was beaming with joy with a mischievous smile. Amma started smearing the […]

Around Amma Messages of Amma

God is always awake within us

Sivaratri Celebrations, 23 February 2009 — Amritapuri “God is always awake within us, but we are sound asleep,” Amma said. “As a result, we are unable to experience his presence.” It was almost 2:00 in the morning—half way through the traditional night-long vigil and fast of Sivaratri. Amma then told everyone assembled that holidays like […]

Around Amma Teachings

Onam: A Symbol of Happiness & Contentment

12 September 2008 — Amritapuri With the coming of Tiru Onam, thousands of people came to Amritapuri in order to celebrate. The bhajan hall was filled with smiling people dressed in new clothes. The feeling of celebration was in the air. Amma came to the dais to the sounds of panchavadyam around 11:00 am. After […]

Around Amma Birthday Messages of Amma Videos

Utsav is the state when mind overflows with love

Birthday Celebrations 2002, Amritapuri   “Utsavam (festivity) is the state in which the mind overflows with Divine Love, when the Love that is within us finds expression in external activities. My children should pray for the peace and welfare of one and all, rather than indulging in outward exhibition. Mutual love is practically the only […]

Around Amma 2001 Birthday Celebration

Festival Days

6 Oct 2001, Amritapuri The festival atmosphere at Amritapuri stretched from Wednesday to Sunday morning, when Devi Bhava, begun the previous night at 8:00 pm, finished close to 11:00 am. In the days preceding Amma’s Birthday, the Ashram was transformed into a city of light. Local devotees teamed up to build several impressive structures, both […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2001

Pure dance

31 August 2001, Amritapuri It is natural to feel a bit reserved among strangers or in big crowds. And when you are in an ashram, you would imagine that you would have to behave with a certain decorum. But when the Guru Herself tells you to drop your shyness and embarrassment, stand up and dance… […]


The origins of the festival of Onam

In ancient times, there was an extremely powerful king by the name of Mahabali; he ruled the three worlds. He was a righteous and generous king. King Mahabali’s one major flaw, which marred his spiritual stature, was the arrogance he felt when giving in charity to his subjects. He was very proud of the fact […]

Festivals Holi

Holi, the Festival of Colours, Joy and Renewal

Holi was Krishna and the gopi’s celebration of Love. This teasing, affectionate panorama of feeling and colour has been captured