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Christmas in Amritapuri

25 December 2005 — Amritapuri Never is Amritapuri filled with more of Amma’s devotees from the West than during Christmas. Each year people from America, Europe, Australia and other parts of the Western world come all the way across the globe to spend their winter holidays with Amma. Many of them only get 10 days […]

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Christmas Eve

24 December 2003, Amritapuri Amma has said, “The Lord comes not once a year, but every moment. This Christmas Eve saw Amma, as in every moment, immersed in the spirit of giving … darshan. While She was doing so, some devotees began decorating a tree that lives in the garden in front of Amma’s house. […]

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Feeling like Christmas

25 December 2001, Amritapuri When you wake to the sound of tropical birds, and soon find yourself sweaty from the heat and humidity, and when you look out over the palm tree tops to the Arabian Sea as you hear the Names of Devi wafting upwards from the temple below, it takes a little time […]


Christmas at Amritapuri

On Christmas Eve at Amritapuri, Amma joined Her children in the darshan hall for an evening programme featuring dancer Nandini Venkat performing South Indian classical bharata natyam depicting nava rasa (nine moods). The dance was preceded by a musical performance by several of Amma’s western children, included traditional Christmas carols in Italian and Latin, including […]

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Falling in love with Amma is Christmas

24 December 2000, Amritapuri Just before Christmas, Mother gave darshan to about 15,000 people a day in Calicut in northern Kerala, virtually around the clock for four days and nights. The programme ended early in the morning on December 24th. Without getting any rest after that marathon, Mother got into the car for the day-long […]